Sword Art Online S03 Episode 10: Updates And Major Annuncements

Most millennials are fond of sci-fi anime television series and ‘Sword Art Online’ is one such anime series. It is known as Sōdo Āto Onrain in Japanese and is based on a light novel series of the same name. The light novel is written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by ABEC. lt was published on April 10, 2009.

With its final run, it seems like ‘Sword Art Online’ is leaving absolutely no stones unturned. There’s action, some memorable characterization, and of course, the production value is off the roof. So anyone who has followed the anime from the beginning, should definitely not miss out on this installment.

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With all that being said, I’ll get straight to the release date of Season 3 Episode 10.

Release Date

The Episode 10 of Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld S03 is scheduled to release on September 12, 2020. It is titled “Alice“.

Also, watch this video which talks about Kirito and Asuna stuck inside Underworld.

Quick Recap of Episode 10 of Sword Art Online S03 

The last episode was titled ‘Beyond Time‘. It started with Rinko retrieving Alice’s Lightcube. But Asuna informs her that she will stay behind in UW to be with Kirito, and the system enters the maximum acceleration phase. Meanwhile, Miller returns to the real world. He finds that his body is dead and his soul is dragged to Hell.

Upon learning that both Miller and Vassago are dead, Critter and the other remaining attackers decide to flee. But, before leaving they rig the Ocean Turtle’s main engine with explosives. However, Akihiko Kayaba takes possession of one of the installation’s robots and successfully disarms the bomb. On their retreat, the soldiers realize that one of their bodies is missing, while the robot used by Kayaba also disappears. Back in UW, Kirito and Asuna depart from the World’s End Altar to explore the world together.

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Where can I watch Sword Art Online?

You can stream both the parts of ‘Sword Art Online Alicization’ with their original Japanese audio and English subtitles on CrunchyrollHiDiveVRVHulu, and AnimeLab.

For episode 9 details, click here.

Sword Art Online Plot

The story of Sword Art Online follows up like this, where the characters, log onto a virtual video game. They find out soon that they cannot log out anymore. Set in the future, the video game is thus a multiplayer game, where it constantly battles with virtual reality. The gameplayers also use a technology called the Nervegear. A NerveGear is similar to a helmet that stimulates the senses of the brain. Therefore, it allows the players to control the consciousness of the characters of the game which they are playing. The plot twists lie here, where the 10,000 players will have to play till the 100th level to log out.  If the player tries to remove the Nervegear by force, he will die.




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