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Sword Art Online: What’s so Controversial?

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular and controversial anime series of the last decade. Fans and critics both are equally passionate about this intensively divisive anime. Actually, no one knows how and why the show has gained so much popularity and is so famous. Here’s everything you need to know about why this highly popular anime is so controversial.

Sword Art Online: Full Summary

The anime centers around two main characters, Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki. The story revolves around their adventures on various virtual games. The anime began a few months after Quinella’s death. Quinella is also known as the Administrator.

Sword Art Online
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Kirito is in the catatonic stage after his Fluctlight got damaged by Ocean Turtle’s energy surge. This happened when Kirito was trying to communicate with the outside world. Powerful beings are looking for him as he is the notorious killer in the Underground world. Everyone is searching for him as he was part of the group that eliminated the Administrator.

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Alice takes Kirito to the Rulid Village to protect him. This is their old home. During their stay at the village, Alice discovers the Administrator’s horrible plans for the Human Empire.

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The anime’s first season ended with Americans’ invading the Underworld. Fortunately, Alice, Asuna, and their allies managed to find a way around and maintain the upper hand. They are still trying to defeat the infiltrators in this season. Also, efforts are made to take Kirito and Alice to the real world.

Sword Art Online
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All About the Controversies!

Critics have criticized the anime for its bad writing. The pacing was inconsistent since the anime’s first arc, ‘Aincrad’. The pace was very fast and the content was not able to make up for it. The anime attempted to cover multiple story arcs over the course of 25 episodes in Season 1 and 24 in Season 2.

The main reason why this anime is so controversial is actually legitimate. Since the anime’s first season, it has featured one scene where a female character is sexually assaulted. Usually, she is assaulted by a male villain character. Critics are incredibly vocal about their disgust over this repetitive plot’s exploitative nature for years now.

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Sword Art Online
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Reki Kawahara acknowledged the concern and apologized for it. But anime’s most recent season in 2020 still featured such intense graphic scenes. This has made critics and activists reprimand the anime despite if its popularity.

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In spite of these things, no one can understand why these anime become a global success. The anime show is about to wrap up its fourth season. No matter what we think, this show is a massive hit and its legacy will remain for years to come.

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