Tamar Braxton Blames “Toxic” TV Industry Post-Suicide Attempt

Last Thursday Tamar Braxton confirmed that she tried committing suicide. That news came to a shock to all of us. She confirmed that it was because of the toxic TV Environment and being part of a reality TV show.
“I believed that, that as a black woman, as an artist, an influence, a personality I could shape my world, and with whom I believed to be my partners, they could help me share my world,” the singer and reality-TV personality wrote in a long missive posted on social media.

Tamar Braxton: The Social Media statement:


The new show named “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” was going to release on the 30th of July but is pushed back to as far as the 10th of September. This happened after her boyfriend found her lying unconscious in her hotel room in LA on the 16th of July. after this, she was immediately hospitalized.

She said that her portrayal on Television despite being a good mother was very intoxicating. She mentioned how it was the only thing that mattered to the public. Tamar Braxton was very vocally upset with WeTv (which is were the new show will air). The attitude of the Executives was compared with slavers from the old time. This is a very concerning argument in light of recent events.

Tamar Braxton had changed her middle name to slave on social media handle. She blames TV for creating a Toxic work environment that affected her mental health. She has decided to get professional help taking into consideration her 7-year-old son – Logan that she had with her ex-husband Vince. They both appeared on “Tamar and Vince” together.

Tamar Braxton at a TV Event.
Courtesy: Pinterest

We hope a great recovery for her and the problem Black women and colored people suffer on TV should be checked.

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