Tamar Braxton Hospitalized: Her Sisters Speak Up About The Issue

All the fans of the singer Tamar Braxton were asked to pray by the three sisters of the singer. The Braxton Family Values singer was hospitalized on Thursday. David Adefeso, the boyfriend of The Braxtons’ singer, Tamar Braxton, reported found his girlfriend unresponsive at her home in Los Angeles. He immediately called 911 and told the dispatcher that his girlfriend gave suicidal threats earlier in the day.

On Thursday, the 43-years-old singer reportedly sent an alleged suicide note to her family. All the Braxton sisters shared similar photos and asked the fans to pray for the recovery of her sister.

Tamar Braxton Hospitalised
Image Source – The Essense

Towanda Braxton, a 46-year-old sister of the singer, shared an illustration with Pray 4 our family written in it, along with the praying hands emoji in the caption of the photo. Trina Braxton shared a regular red heart illustration on the social media platform, Instagram. Tracy Braxton wrote, keep my family in your prayers.

What happened with Tamar Braxton on Thursday?

David Adefeso, her boyfriend, called 911 at 9:45 P.M. on Thursday, after he found her unresponsive at her home in Ritz Carlton Residencies in Los Angeles. As the dispatcher was told, Braxton was drunk, and maybe she has overdosed on the pills, and also that she threatened about committing suicide in the morning.

The police did not find any suicide note, but as reported by The Blast, Braxton sent a suicide note to her family. She initially wrote the message as a tweet, but later chose to send it privately. The note said that the singer reportedly called herself a slave and also that she doesn’t own her life. Tamar Braxton claims in her note that she was threatened and punished while asking for freedom from her massa.

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Tamara Braxton Hospitalised
Image Source – The Essense

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