Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You’ Netflix Release Date!

Taylor Tomlinson: Comedy fans? Humor fans? She is back for you!

She is getting a whole new comedy special, following her 2020 special, Tomlinson focuses her new special on health. Not only this but also honoring her life, career, and individuals who are able to produce serotonin on their own. Not forgetting Quarter- Life Crisis.

Laughing therapy!
You can’t ignore her! Source: pastemagazine.com

“Look At You, Taylor Tomlinson’s second original comedy special on Netflix. This marks her return to the streaming services. However focusing on the mental health issue, sorrow, and dating challenges, she opens up about these topics in a Funny. In the teaser of shows, it is very much visible that she isn’t ashamed to discuss her mental health struggles!

Nevertheless, she is always confident when is speaking about things on stage! The same way she is holding the microphone and she is super confident about topics she is speaking about. Topics like her sex life, mental illness, and her mother’s cancer death when she was just eight.

Taylor Tomlinson will laugh badly!
She gets a personal touch! Source: imdb.com

For someone raised in a shame-based religious society, what appears normal — a stand-up comic making light of the dark and nasty — is anything but normal. The executive producers of the show, are Tomlinson, Judi Marmel, and John Brava. The location of the shoot was Boston’s iconic Wilbur Theater last December. This show, Look At You, is directed by Kristian Mercado.

About Taylor & Her Stand Up

The kind of wisdom that she holds with the experience she is gaining shows the viewpoint of Taylor Tomlinson.

She has a huge fan base and her fans got a hefty dose of that knowledge when her first-ever hour show “Quarter-Life Crisis,” debuted on Netflix just as the globe entered a once-in-a-century pandemic.

She has a good amount of achievements too, she was named to Forbes’ class of 30 under 30 in 2021.

she is lovely!
That smile! Source: thedailybeast.com

The Washington Post -dubbed her “your favorite quarantine-watch.” And some Newsweek said she is “undeniably entertaining” and “smart beyond her years” in her special.

It is very important to focus on her old-souls clarity but the factor that distinguishes her is as “whip-smart and breathtakingly cynical” isn’t just that she appears too young to comprehend youth so well.

She has an amazing talent and brilliant vision, the way she mixes the vision with the kind of nose immediacy. The hold of such a thing can only come when you are still there in the situations she’s mocking.

We can clearly see that her specials are years of writing and performing experiences. Her performance is an amazing mixture of all crowd interaction, perfect timing, athleticism, and wit. The things evolving over the months leading to the performance, reflect changes in the personal life of Taylor.


She relates to your pain.
Is she relatable? Source: papercitymag.com

New York Times, Decider, Paste, and other publications recognized the special “Best of 2020.” And the “comedian you should and will know,” according to Vulture, is only getting started! She’s already written an hour of new material and can’t wait to get back on the road later this year, once it’s safe to do so, and share her observations and self-discovery from quarantine with the rest of the world.

‘Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You’ Release Date & Trailer

The new show, ‘Look At You’ will be available on March 8th, 2020, on Netflix. The fan is looking forward to laughing along with Tomlinson!

The fans and the audience should be falling in love with the clip because of the way she makes all of us laugh using her own issues and personal life incidents. And the best part is that they are not afraid to poke her own struggles of mental health and openly discuss her treatment experience, the need for self-care too.

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