Team Liquid: Actor Asa Butterfield From Sex Education Joins The Esport Team!

Team Liquid has just announced that Sex Education’s lead actor Asa Butterfield has joined their organization. The organization’s official twitter handle revealed the news on October 7, 2020. The organization said that they are very happy to have him on board. They added that they are looking forward to his next achievements.

Check out the official tweet below!

The E-sport gaming organization also shared Asa Butterfield’s picture while sharing the news. Additionally, the team said that they would call Asa Butterfield if they ever need a substitute for games ‘Dota’ and ‘Smash’.

Asa Butterfield also shared the news through his own twitter handle. Asa said that this entire experience was unreal for him. He is very excited and looking forward to work with the team.

Asa added that ‘Team Liquid’ was the first Esport team he ever heard of. Asa wrote:

‘YOOOOO??! Kind of unreal, I remember finding all the Starcraft2 streams on liquipedia back in the day, they were the first Esports team even I knew of’.

So, what is this Organization?

Team Liquid” is a professional Esports organization and it was originally founded in the Netherlands in 2000. The team began their career as a Brood War clan. They later switched to StarCraft II during the SC2 Beta in 2010.


They became one of the most successful foreign teams of all time. The team announced on January 13, 2015, that they have formed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division.

Actor Asa Butterfield joins Team Liquid
Source: Twitter

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All About Asa Butterfield!

Asa Butterfield is best known as the lead actor in two seasons of “Sex Education”. Otis Milburn is the series creator. Asa was also recently seen in various movies like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Space Between Us. Along with being a great actor, Asa also is a gaming enthusiast. He had earlier participated in a Super Smash Bros competition.

Actor Asa Butterfield joins Team Liquid
Source: Twitter

Team Liquid: Fans Reactions!

As soon as Asa announced the news on Twitter, his fans started pouring their love and wish through tweets. His fans seemed equally excited about the actor’s new collaboration. Also, several team members also welcomed the actor onboard and extended their congratulations.

Dario TLO Wünsch, a team member, wrote:

‘Welcome to the team! You have some pretty good SC2 teammates now. Always warms my heart to see StarCraft Love!’ (sic).


Actor Asa Butterfield joins Team Liquid
Source: Twitter

Check out some below fan tweets!

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