Teen Mom 2: Jade Attacks Christy During Reunion!

Teen Mom 2 Season 10 is currently airing on MTV. Throughout the series, we have seen that Jade Cline and her mother Christy Smith do not have a healthy relationship. Jade had struggled for years to get on the same page as her mothers’. In the last season, we saw Jade trying to figure out how she should deal with her mother. Here’s everything about the show’s latest news!

Teen Mom 2: What Happened Between Jade and Christy?

Christy was trying to figure out how to deal with her mother after she got arrested. She got arrested as she was having a controlled substance. The police department called Jade and told her about Christy’s arrest. Christy requested her to come and bail her out.

Teen Mom 2
Source: MTV

Unfortunately, Jade was broke and cannot bail out Christy. She and the rest of the family decide not to bail out Christy. Eventually, Christy managed to get herself out of prison and since then, the duo’s relation got even worse. During the reunion, Jake was asked how she felt about her mother’s arrest. Additionally, Christy was asked questions about her arrest.

Christy felt cornered and under attack for what happened. She did not the questions everyone asked her. On the other hand, Jade did not find anything wrong with the questions. Christy stormed out of the interview as things were not going to get any better.

Christy and Jade got into an argument after they crossed paths backstage. Jade told Christy that she did not have to film the show if she did not want to. The argument eventually augmented and Jade pushed out the camera crew from the room.

Teen Mom 2
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Possible Reconciliation and Fans Stand!

She updated about what was happening. She also said that they both are trying their best to work things out. Also, she added that it’s not possible not to talk as they both work at the same restaurant. Fans thought that Jade does not deserve the treatment she is receiving and it’s unfair to her.

One fans’ comment read, “Jade Deserves Better. There’s Never Any Sense Of Peace In Her Life”. Another one wrote, “I think jade has the right to feel what she feels. She’s just tired of hearing her mother cry all the damn time. It’s hard to respect someone who you have ironically raise”.

Teen Mom 2
Source: MTV

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One fan said that Jade’s mother is crazy and added that Jade said nothing out the way. Another fan said that dealing with a difficult parent is just difficult. Fans also advised Jade to take the high road.

MTV airs the show on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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