Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Lowry Got A Phone Call That Shocked Her During The September 15 Episode

Kailyn Lowry was left stunned for real when she did receive a surprising phone call during the episode of Teen Mom 2 on September 15. Kailyn Lowry was put through the wringer during the episode of September 15 of the show.

It all began when she arrived in San Diego for some work, and she discovered that both her grandmother and the mother of her sister had passed away. Kailyn received some startling text messages to make the matter even worse from the father of Isaac, Jo Rivera. He made her question the state of the relationship of their co-parenting.

Teen Mom 2
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Apparently, visiting the funerals in Texas was the reason behind the big fight between Jo and her, because Rachel, Kailyn’s friend, was taking care of the boys while she went, and Jo was not happy with the fact that Isaac is watched by a person who is not a member of the family. Kailyn told her friend that Jo texted her horrible things and those things made her break down in tears. However, he eventually apologized to her, but Kailyn said the she felt very uneasy about everything.

Teen Mom 2 | Kailyn Lowry Received a Shocking Phone Call

When Kailyn was recording a few podcasts, she received a text from Jo, in which he had asked her if she could go to a counselling session with him, and she agreed to it. Then later, when she and the co-host of her podcast were talking to a psychic medium, they were told that even though she is estranged from her mom, her mother cares deeply about her, and that really made Kailyn cry. She could not believe the fact that her mother called her after being estranged for a long time.

Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus after sleeping with Luis, finally went and got tested for STIs. Also, she was told later that it would take a while before she could have the results of the test, so in the meantime, she chose to put her focus on her kids. Luis tagged along for a gymnastics event for Nova, so he could help Briana in taking care of Stella, and while they were away, he and Briana had sex again.

Teen Mom 2
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Later, Jade Cline’s mother asked if she could crash at her house for a few weeks, and Jade reluctantly agreed. But after her mother didn’t appear to be helping with Kloie, Jade regretted her decision.

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