Teenage Bounty Hunters: What is this show?!

Teenage Bounty Hunters is an American teen dramedy web television series, created by Kathleen Jordan that premiered on Netflix on August 14, 2020. Netflix is known for its teenage content, and this one shouts as a cliche comedy. But it turns out that is not the case. People are ready to jump on this. Even though the title sounds as a porn-movie, the show is pretty good and not a porn movie. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters Review:

The story is about two teenage girls that are mistaken for bounty hunters. Yes, that’s right, bounty hunter. This first season of 10 episodes is filled with comedy-drama slapstick thriller and satire that is quite a lot. But the showrunner of Teenage Bounty Hunter, Kathleen Jordan, and executive producer Jenji Kohan pulled it off. They both previously worked on the very successful and similar to this show filled all genres, Orange is the new black.

One moment it’s a slapstick comedy, as Blair jumps onto a car’s hood, clinging for dear life. Then it’s a family drama, as Sterling has a heart-to-heart about her mom when a rumor comes to light. Then it suddenly into a crime drama and the two girls have to show the location of Skip, and then again it turns into a teenage scene as the girls discuss their sex-life. 

The fact that the show worked and is working can be attributed significantly to the sister duo’s dynamic. Blair and Sterling are two very new characters that show a varied emotion range that the show requires. If we talk about the story rather than the tone of the show, it’s ok, but resonance compensates the story. Why do I say it’s Ok? because we have been accustomed to dysfunctional life-type stories, but it’s hard to find such that interest us. This one does interest us. I strongly recommend the readers to watch this show at least once just for fun. Teenage bounty hunters are streaming on Netflix

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