Teenage Bounty Hunters: Secret Revealed at the End

‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ is an American teen comedy-drama Television series. Its first season consisting of 10 episodes premiered on Netflix on Aug 14, 2020. It is created by Kathleen Jordan. Read on to know its plot and the ending.

Teenage Bounty Hunters: Plot

The series revolves around two fraternal twins Blair and Sterling Wesley. Their bond being unprecedented, they both seem like two halves of a whole. They have mutual affection and love for each other. A certain twist comes in their life when they land a partnership with a bounty hunter named Browser. They discover their innate detective skills and capabilities while working with him. They also tend to discover some secrets about their own family.


Teenage Bounty Hunters: Ending Explained

Does Debbie have a bounty on her?

Sterling and Blair get suspicious of their mother Debbie’s behavior. Both of them caught her lying about her whereabouts and routine on their inquiry. As the suspicion grows, Blair follows her rigidly and finds her mother with a stack of money and a gun. Later on, their father tries to cover up by saying she was good with guns in the past but had left it long back.

Eventually, in ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’, the girls visit their mother’s hometown to get the answers. They get stupefied and shocked to see a wanted poster with their mother’s face on it. She had been charged with arson and a reward of $90,000 on her. When they confront her, she admits being part of a cult in the past.

Teenage Bounty Hunters. COURTESY: NETFLIX

The Secret Revealed

Once being devastated by April, Sterling finds comfort when her mother picks her. After a few strange things, she realizes that this person is not her mother. It is revealed that she is Dana, Debbie’s twin. Dana was the one who was the part of a cult and who had the bounty on her. Their parents were trying to keep Dana away from the girls, but Dana wanted to take Sterling away from them. And the reason is very shocking! The finale of season 1 of ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ has the most unexpected twist.

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Sterling and Blair had been living a lie their entire life. The most astonishing secret opens up when it is revealed they are not twins! In fact, they are cousins. Debbie’s daughter is Blair and Sterling is Dana’s daughter. Debbie decided to adopt her to keep Dana’s past and bad influence away from Sterling. Thus, when the truth is revealed, everything makes sense. Both Sterling and Blair are heartbroken in shock at the ending scenes of ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’.

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