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Tenet: Know The New Release Date And Other Details Of The Christopher Nolan Movie

Christopher Nolan is one of the hottest filmmakers of Hollywood, with a string of critical and commercial hits including Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, and 2017’s Dunkirk. The point is, at this moment, any project with his name on it is a big one. So, his upcoming film Tenet is naturally creating a lot of buzz. But, even after so much popularity, we are not really sure about when the film will hit the screens.

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When will Tenet hit the screens?

As of now, after some release date shuffling due to the coronavirus pandemic,Tenet moved from its original release date July 17 to August 12. Following that, Warner Bros. Pictures removed the film from its upcoming calendar on July 20.

After all of this, it is currently settling on an international debut on August 26, and a North America launch on September 3, Labor Day. At first, both WB and Nolan were adamant about making Tenet the first major release in the wake of the pandemic. But, now, due to the widespread outbreak of the virus, and especially it’s effect on the U.S, the future of the movie theaters’ is uncertain.

Who are the cast members of the film?

Tenet is a film with a mix of rising stars, familiar faces, and veterans from Nolan’s earlier films.

John David Washington, plays one of the film’s lead roles. His secret agent character is the focus of the film’s first trailer. This suggests that he is the story’s primary protagonist.

Joining him will be the former Twilight franchise actor Robert Pattinson, who appears to play another secret agent.

The supporting cast of the film includes The Great Gatsby actress Elizabeth Debicki, Dark Knight trilogy actor Michael Caine, Kick-Ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Henry V actor Kenneth Branagh.

What is with the new image from the set?

A new image is out on the movie’s official Twitter page. In that picture, John David Washington can be seen walking towards the camera without a mask on and, then seemingly at the same time, turned away with a mask on.

Also, his co-star Robert Pattinson has explicitly said that Tenet is not a time-traveling movie. This means the two Washingtons may be a red herring or a reference to another film entirely.

What is the plotline of Tenet ?

Like most of Nolan’s previous films, Tenet is creating a lot of mystery regarding its premiere.

The film revolves around a secret agent on a mission to stop World War III. The agent needs to use a variety of fantastic tools and abilities, also involving time manipulation and other sci-fi elements for saving humanity.

But, in a May interview with GQ Magazine, actor Robert Pattinson indicated that his character is “not a time traveler.”

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