Thanos Killed This Avenger In A Fight- Marvel Reveals

It was finally disclosed by Marvel that an Avenger was actually killed by Thanos in one of their fights. This might have disastrous consequences and will play a big part in the future storyline. Read this article to know who this Avenger was.

Who Actually Died In The Fight?

Marvel Comics has confirmed that Thanos killed an Avenger in one of their battles. Earlier it was believed that She-Hulk just went into a coma after fighting with Thanos. But, the latest issue of Immortal Hulk discloses that Jennifer Walters was actually killed in the fight. She has oppressed the memories of her own death.

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What happened To She- hulk?

She-Hulk was actually offended after the death of her cousin Bruce Banner in Civil War 2. When the Avengers encountered Thanos, she was put in a coma after going into cardiac arrest during their battle. While she would eventually recover, it was never supposed that she had died at any point. However, in this week’s Immortal Hulk, it’s disclosed that Jennifer Walters actually died during her fight with Thanos. She has become an immortal monster like her brother, Bruce.

In this week’s Immortal Hulk #34 by Al Ewing, Butch Guice, Tom Palmer, Paul Mounts, and Cory Petit, he talks about She-Hulk oppressing memories of her own death – an entry which is particularly exciting considering Walters was never previously considered dead before.

The Indication of She-Hulk’s death perfectly sets up Walter’s future as the Immortal She-Hulk. The book is set to prospect Walter’s modification to “Immortal” like her cousin Bruce.

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Ewing has clearly carefully planned his Immortal Hulk and his plans for She-Hulk. Revealing that Thanos actually killed She-Hulk and became immortal herself is a smart bit of storytelling that further builds on the lore established in the series thus far. How will She-Hulk’s immortality affect her? Readers will find out more when The Immortal She-Hulk #1 will come to comic shops in September 2020. Immortal Hulk #34 is in shops now.


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