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That 70s Show Leaving Netflix: What Happened?

Many of the viewers of “That 70s Show“, won’t be happy to know that the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, has decided that it will no longer be streaming that show. The show is going to leave the streaming platform as of September 7, Monday, and the news is really sad for the longtime fans of the sitcom. The reason behind this decision of Netflix has been noted down to some deals.

That 70s Show
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Departure of the show is basically down to the licensing deals, and the show has not been renewed by the streaming platform. Hence, due to the non-renewal of the contract, the episodes of the show won’t be airing from now. According to The Observer, the time span between the month of September and December of this year was the time frame that the show can leave Netflix, if the streaming platform is not able to renew its licensing deal.

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That 70s Show to be removed from Netflix | Know Details.

There are some reports that suggest that the streaming service giant Netflix, is planning to reposition its streaming strategy to give more of its focus light on original content. So Netflix is planning its budgets, primarily focusing on in-house projects. However, this is still a piece of bad news for the fans of That 70s Show, which ran on Fox originally from 1998-2006, will now be leaving Netflix on September 7.

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All the eight seasons of the show will be removed from Netflix in The United States, and all other regions including Australia, Canada, and The United Kingdom. The news of the departure of the sitcom show is spread widely as the fans of the show are taking their disappointments to Twitter. Here are some of the tweets from the fans of the show that clearly shows their disappointment on the removal of the show.

There were also some tweets that said that they have not even finished watching the show yet, and it has now been removed.

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That 70s Show
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However, there is still a ray of hope, as the President of Carsey-Werner TV Distribution, Jim Kraus has told Deadline in the year 2019, that they will be giving plenty of opportunity to Netflix to renew the show. He added that he thinks Netflix would like to keep the show, but there are other places also, at least 3-4 places which are showing interests. If Netflix is unable to come to an agreement, then they will be moving on.

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