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The 100: Bellamy Betrays Everyone In New Promo!

The 100 is near to its end and everyone’s excited to know what’s coming. The series has released a new promo and this has got everyone talking. Here’s everything you need to know about the new promo and series’ end.

Watch the newly released promo below!

The 100: Season 7 till now

The show advances towards the end, the long-missing Bellamy Blake is back at a twisted cost. Additionally, Sheidheda takes over the throne in a new promo.

For most of season 7, Bellamy Blake was presumed dead after being caught in an apparent grenade blast. He is was a long-time main character. His sudden death shocked everyone. The character is made alive and he has now reunited with his friends and family. Unfortunately, he returns as a committed member of The Disciples, which betrays his best friend Clarke Griffin.

The 100
Source: The CW

All about the promo!

Season’s twelfth episode’s promo is titled “The Stranger”. Bellamy’s girlfriend Echo and younger sister Octavia Blake confronts him about his conversion. Bellamy is also completely conflicted about joining the Disciples and going against his friends and family.

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On the other hand, Sheidheda takes over Sanctum’s throne as Indra looks on. He is highly concerned as the nefarious Dark Commander assumes rule over the Grounders.

The 100
Source: The CW

Sheidheda has returned in the season’s premiere. He takes control over Russell Prime’s body. At first, Indra resisted Sheidheda’s rise to power after discovering his return. Indra eventually surrendered to his will to save Madi Griffin’s life. Additionally, John Murphy is leading a desperate resistance movement.

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Only a handful of episodes are left and The 100 is preparing for separate conflicts. Some revolve against the Disciples as led by Bill Cadogan on the planet Bardo. While some confront Sheidheda and his loyalists on the colony of Sanctum.

The series airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW so do not forget to watch.

We will bring more updates very soon. Until then stay tuned and keep reading!

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