The 100: All The Reasons Why It Deserves A Season 7!

There are expectations and theories for The 100 Season 7, but while we initiated to cover the friendships that we all deserve to see, everything has been touched by us. This article will be providing the fans with all the information that they need to know.

The ending of any show marks the reflection of both the journey and the destination of the show. It means that the end is nothing but looking as much back as it is about looking forward. With The 100, it is on the fans of the show, and their opinion on what they would like to explore, see and resolve for one last time.

All the fans have been waiting for the trailer of the last season, but it has not been officially released yet. However, here we have shortlisted all the things that we want to happen in the last season.

While discussing the final season of The 100, Jason Rothenberg said that the ending would be a version of a happy ending. It is not reassuring as it sounds like the essence of the show has not been revealed to the audience yet. Whether it is true or is it an attempt to pretend previous seasons were not able to create a theme is still unclear.


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What do fans want from The 100?

The love between Harper and Monty that showed their friends along with us, how to live, and we only deserve more and more of that.

All the Bellarke nostalgia. All the Bellarke parallels. All the Bellarke feelings. All Bellarke, all season long. Also, Clarke and Bellamy should kiss and become canon. No misinterpretation insight.

The 100
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Beyond the romance, though, is just relationships all on their own. The way the characters interact with one another drives the plot of the show.

Fans want more conversations to happen, be it of any kind.

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