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The Alienist Season 2 On Netflix: When To Expect It?

The Alienist Season 2 is all set to be back after a long gap. The first season premiered back on July 19th, 2020. Here’s everything you need to about the upcoming season!

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The Alienist Season 2: Release Date

The series’ second season is all set to land on Netflix on October 22nd, 2020. The second season is based on Caleb Carr’s novel, titled ‘The Angel of Darkness.’

Daniel Brühl will return as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler in the second season. Additionally, we will see Luke Evans as John Moore and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard in lead roles.

The season will land in almost all regions outside the United States. Also, Netflix has branded it as a Netflix Original and the streaming service features it on its platform. United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are getting the upcoming season.

The Alienist Season 2
Source: TNT

So, what’s the series all about?

The series is based on Caleb Carr’s bestselling book. This psychological thriller is set amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of 1896 New York.

A never-before-seen ritualistic killer is on a killing spree in the NYC. This killer has gruesomely killed boy prostitutes. Theodore Roosevelt is the city’s newly appointed police commissioner. He sets up a unique team to find this killer.

Criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler the first one in the team of three. Newspaper illustrator John Moore and police department secretary Sara Howard has also joined the commissioner’s teams upon his request. The trio will conduct the investigation in secret.

Kreizler is a brilliant and an obsessive criminal psychologist. He is also is known as an alienist — one who studies mental pathologies and the deviant behaviors. He particularly studies the individuals who are alienated from themselves and society.

His controversial views and his job has made him a social pariah in some circles. A band of outsiders decides to accompany Kreizler on his journey. They together answer the question behind what makes a man into a murderer.

Is The Series’ On Netflix USA?

Unfortunately, Netflix USA does not features this season. TNT airs the season on their platform. Also, the series just recently found a new streaming home, so it won’t change that anytime soon.

Additionally, the HBO Max streaming service will air the new season on its platform. WarnerMedia owns both TNT and HBO Max so the transfer was not much of a surprise.

The Alienist Season 2
Source: TNT

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We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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