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The Alienist Season 2 isn’t exactly the right choice for the feel-good summer escapism, with all of its gory deaths, that is parallel to real-life political turbulence and a new case involving shudder, murdered babies. But for all the fans of the macabre, the TNT crime drama made a welcome return on Sunday night to elaborate period costumes and Dakota Fanning’s verbal takedowns of men who underestimate her.

Before you present us your thoughts on the first two Angel of Darkness episodes, by the way, Season 2 will roll out with back-to-back episodes every week.

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 2 Details and Recap

Let’s revisit what happened in the grisly premiere. Episode 1 marks its beginning at New York City’s Lying-In Hospital, where, Martha Napp, a new mother wakes up and comes to know that her baby daughter isn’t sleeping next to her. Napp zig-zags through the maternity ward, trying to find her child, but she’s stopped by multiple nurses in her way who tells her that her child is fine.

As the nurses try to restrain Martha, she spots Dr. Markoe, who has just finished delivering a baby. She tells the doctor that she knows what happens here and she is going to call the police. Even before Martha could make a move, nurses successfully wrestle her to the ground.

The Alienist
Image Source – Deadline

There are some new revelations, though. For one, the Isaacsons find that Martha Napp’s daughter was poisoned, but there were also traces of an antidote in her mouth, which suggests her killer quickly changed their mind about poisoning her, then smothered the child instead.

Meanwhile, Sara and Moore pay a visit to Siegel-Cooper and find that a customer with the initials E.H. had purchased the real doll that was used to replace Ana Linares in her crib. What’s more, E.H. bought that same doll four previous times, and he or she provided an address the first time they purchased it.

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