The Blacklist Season 8 | Know The Netflix Release Updates

The Blacklist is going to make a return on NBC for its eighth season, but it will be slightly later than the usually billed due to the virus. In this article, we will be discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on The Blacklist Season 8 and when it will be coming to the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix. Read the article till the end to make sure that you do not miss out on any important detail covered here. Also, we will be covering the fact that the series is dropping out of the usual fall spot for the year 2020.

The Blacklist Season 8
Image Source – Netflix

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 have ravaged the production, and The Blacklist was no exception. It’s filming has been done in New York City, which, as you may already be aware of the fact, is the most affected state early on in the pandemic. We have also heard that the filming of the eighth season of the series has begun in mid-September of this year, and it is currently listed to start during the mid-fall season as the new episodes come available.

The tentative date of return for the eighth season of The Blacklist on NBC is November 13, 2020 currently.

The Blacklist Season 8 Netflix Release In The United States.

Starting with the Netflix United States, you may remember the time when the streaming giant picked up the license to the series. It was at that time, one of the biggest deals struck. Also, we would like to inform you that Netflix reportedly paid a hefty amount to stream each of the episodes of the series in the regions of $2 million per episode. Nevertheless, the streaming giant in the United States does not get weekly episodes. Those are available via catch-up via Hulu or NBC. However, it is unclear whether that will move to the Peacock in the near future.

The Blacklist Season 8
Image Source – Netflix

Every season of the series has arrived like clockwork each September, and that is what we are expecting for the year 2021 too. However, if the delay of the series to air on NBC has any material effect, it may simply be pushed back a month or two months. Still, for the moment, we are expecting season eight to arrive on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, in the month of September of the year 2021.

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