Erin Moriarty And Karen Fukuhara Talk About Teaming Up For Season 2 of “The Boys”

Starlight and Kimiko to team up against Stormfront in “The Boys” season 2!!!

Amazon Prime released the second season of The Boys this September, and it has been rocking the platforms. Recently, in an exclusive interview, Erin Moriarty and Karen Fukuhara talked about the development of their character throughout the journey and them teaming up for the current season.

Female Characters in the series “The Boys” (Source: Popsugar)

There is no doubt that the episodes released up till now for season two have been exhilarating. It takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. We see Starlight (played by Erin) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) go through an invigorating ride in the series all the time.

The show reveals Annie January, better known as Starlight’s intentions to expose Vought industries as a double agent within Seven. In the meantime, she was seized, locked up but wait; we have Queen Maeve to the rescue!! On the other hand, Kimiko’s story isn’t less twisted! Her reunion with her brother and the very next moment, his murder by Stormfront right in front of her eyes, has driven the adrenaline levels up.

More about character development in “The Boys”

The actresses had quite a discussion when asked about their characters. Starlight has been through a lot, which has made her snug with the grim and the massacre. Kimino has also turned on her negative side. It seems that the evil in their life has compelled them to compromise with their moral conscious.

Erin’s take on the subject

Erin describes Starlight to have become morally complex with the reality kicking into the picture. She thinks it is not correct to call her evil; the moral ground is a gray area. Something that one may consider right may not encompass the rightness parameters of others.

“You have these women who are unambiguously strong, and are empowered and more and more empowered in finding themselves, but they make mistakes. There is no perfect human. Annie has one of the most intact moral compasses I’ve ever encountered, and she still makes mistakes,” is what Moriarty had to say. 

Erin Moriarty (Source: Popsugar)

Karen explains the practicality.

Karen agrees with her co-star about how their characters are not perfect humans; they have their flaws. However, she defends Kimiko and explains how she would never take an innocent life. Fukuhara talks about a violent scene where her character gets in action with a Russian mobster and how she takes out her frustration to get vengeance from him. 

Karen Fukuhara (Source: Wikipedia)

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She talks more about how realistic the characters. “I think it depicts women, not as these perfect heroines, but it tackles all of the difficult situations that women face in real life and how they deal with it on their terms.

What’s great is that every character, not just the girls, is flawed in our show. People like me, as just as a genuine fan and a viewer, can connect with these characters because we see ourselves in them.””

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