The Cabin in the Woods: Did Dana & Marty Survive?

The Cabin in the Woods is a whole new level of horror genre. This movie has a basic plot just like any other horror film, but only when you think that you can figure the next scene, BOOM, there’s another twist. The storyline is scary, as well as amusing.

So here, we have it all, explained. SPOILERS AHEAD!


Plot Summary of The Cabin in the Woods

Five college friends Dana, Jules, Curt, Holden, and Marty, decide to spend their weekend at a deserted cabin in the forest. They are also referred to as the virgin, the dumb blonde, the jock, the intelligent dude, and the stoner, respectively, in the movie.

The plan for the getaway was to have fun, but they were unaware of the trap that they were going in to.

In the cabin’s cellar, they find many strange objects. One of them was the diary of Patience Buckner, a cabin resident abused by her sadistic family, which Dana finds and then recites incantations written in it. This summoned the dead Buckner family. Every member is killed one by one by these zombies, leaving only Dana and Marty alive.

After they discover a secret tunnel in the forests, they realize the truth behind all these happenings and the trap in which they were. But the bloodshed happened earlier was not enough.

In the end, only Dana and Marty survived from the attack of the zombie Buckner family.
Image: IMDb

What Happens In The End?

Dana was the only survivor we knew till a point. When she fights for her life on the docks against Matthew Buckner, we see Marty. He came there to save Dana from that zombie. Meanwhile, when the two technicians of the facility, Gary and Steve, get a call and learn that their job isn’t over as both Dana and Marty are alive.

The duo escapes through a glass elevator hidden in the forests. There they faced their worst nightmares. They learn that their group chose their fate of being dead in the basement. All the artifacts present there decides the way of your death.

This isn’t any average horror movie. As we progress in the film, Dana and Marty released all the ghosts and spirits trapped in the glass cubes. All you could see is just blood, dead bodies, and hundreds of zombies.

They discover that beneath the Earth are the imprisoned old gods or the demons that used to live on the land and brought death and destruction. Ritual sacrifices were the only thing that keeps them trapped beneath.

But it wasn’t any regular sheep’s blood or anything. They want five sacrifices, namely the virgin, the dumb blonde, the jock, the intelligent dude, and the stoner. They want the five to die in pain.

The secret organization was behind all the sinister happenings.
Image: IMDb

To ensure that this happens, it’s where the secret underground operations center comes in place. They ensure that the blood of these people drain into the sacrifice chamber and life continues of Earth. The technicians plan everything, and they make sure that the chosen ones make the choices according to them so that the ritual sacrifice is successful.

At the end, both Dana and Marty live. This eventually releases the gods underneath.

The Cabin in the Woods Explanation

In the film, the workers in the facility are the moviemakers, the old gods underneath are the audience, and the group is the crew of actors. The actors must work according to the moviemakers because if they don’t act accordingly, the audience won’t be happy.

If the movie isn’t entertaining enough to the audience, it will flop. Similarly, if the group doesn’t act, here die, according to the technicians of the facility, the old gods won’t be happy, and the world would eventually end.

And the same happened in the end. Dana and Marty survived the zombies, which made the old gods come on the Earth again. This means that the world ends at the end of the movie.

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