The Capture: Know The Ending Better

The BBC Network has always been a constant provider of good entertaining content. The Capture is also one such entertaining, thrilling, and mysterious story. Originally aired between 3rd September to 8th of October – 2019 on BBC One. It stars Callum turner and Holliday Grainger as two of the important characters. The show is widely received and critically acclaimed. Let’s have a look back at what the ending meant and what inferences we can take from it.

The Capture: Ending Explained

The story is in 6-Parts following Shaun Emery who is a British soldier. Shaun is accused of murder in Afghanistan. The investigation leads to an acquittal when a key piece of evidence- the video recording of the incidence is a problem. Rachel Carey a detective is hell-bent on finding out the truth. During the pursuit, she finds out some more incriminating footage for Shaun. Rachel in her pursuits discovers a bigger conspiracy.

So what happened at the end of The Capture? While Rachel and her side-kick discover the government conspiracies that were part of incriminating Shaun. In the end, Shaun does go to jail but Rachel tells her wife that he wasn’t guilty. But let’s talk about the weird part! Things came full circle after it emerged that Shaun did kill a man in Afghanistan during his tour. He told his wife he’d tried to convince himself of the story the courts heard.

A still from the The Capture – Courtesy: BBC one

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Rachel’s story goes as she joins the Anti-terrorism squad in the end. The capture as a whole was pretty complex. The story gave me a little paranoia too. The abuse of power and tampering of evidence. I found the storytelling like a punch after punch. Pretty good show! It’s available on streaming platforms now. Go have a watch ya’ll!


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