The Entire Conjuring Universe Explained

If someone believes in the presence of God, then the demonic presence must also take into account. Who would have thought that real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren will become box office giants? Their cases made it to the big screens through The Conjuring, when director James Wan fictionalized the couple’s 1972 Rhode Island case.

After the release of The Conjuring, a new horror franchise was formed. Just like the MCU, the events were not in a proper order. From Romania to deserted California, the Conjuring Universe gave us several mind-blowing films. But here we have the entire Conjuring Universe explained in a chronological order.

The Nun is the start of the Conjuring Universe.
Image: Netflix

The Nun

It all starts with the 2018 The Nun set in the middle-aged Romania, when a demon-worshipping Duke built the Abbey of St. Carta to conduct demonic activities. While he tried to raise a demon named Valak, he was intervened by a group of Christian knights.

They sealed Valak temporarily, but during the bombing of World War II, a part of the abbey was destroyed which revoke the evil. The Catholic Church took the responsibility of the abbey, and the nuns from then prayed all day in shifts to keep the nun-shaped Valak from escaping the abbey through a human host.

Father Burke and Sister Irene were sent by the Vatican to investigate after the suicide of one of the abbey’s nuns. There they learned that Sister Victoria killed herself to prevent Valak from taking her soul. With the help of Maurice Frenchie Theriault, a local, Father Burke and Sister Irene finally banish Valak back to hell with the help of a vial of Jesus Christ’s blood.

But Valak manages to escape the abbey on Frenchie’s back. We can see an upside-down cross on the back of Frenchie’s neck in the ending scene.

Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation

Next in the timeline comes Annabelle: Creation. It all starts in 1943, when a doll-maker named Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther lost their daughter Annabelle in a car accident. After 12 years, the Mullins opened their doors for orphans from St. Eustace Home For Girls along with Sister Charlotte.

Janice, a disabled girl, discovers a porcelain doll locked in one of the bedrooms. She unknowingly releases a demon. Immediately after this, the demon starts throwing up the orphans downstairs and demands Janice’s soul. It is later revealed that, in the grief of their lost daughter, the Mullins tried black magic to see their dead daughter again. But they were misled by a demon, who tricked them into attaching a demon to the doll.

In the end, the demon succeeds in possessing Janice and escapes the house through a hole in the wall. The orphan, still possessed, is adopted by Pete and Sharon Higgins in Santa Monica by the name Annabelle. Annabelle grows up, runs away from home, joins a cult, and then returns to murder her adoptive parents.

And this happens to be a scene from Annabelle.

John bought Mia this porcelain doll, that later become the famous Annabelle doll.


The family that adopted Annabelle, the orphan from Annabelle: Creation, lives next door to John and Mia Form. We see that John gave Mia an antique porcelain doll as a gift for their first child. Now picking the story of Annabelle/Janice, after killing her adoptive parents, they move to the house next door, where Annabelle immediately takes an interest in Mia’s antique doll. She slits her throat, and the demonic presence is again in that porcelain doll.

Now looking for another soul, the demon decides Mia to be its next target. After facing demonic presence, the couple is helped by Evelyn and Father Perez. When Father Perez tries to take the doll to Ed and Lorraine Warren, he is attacked by the demon. To save her newborn daughter, Mia tries to sacrifice herself. Luckily, John and Evelyn arrive in time to stop her, and Evelyn instead sacrificed herself.

At the end of the movie, we see a women buy that same doll from a toyshop as a gift for her daughter, Debbie, a nurse.

Lorraine Warren is performing an exorcism of Carolyn Perron.

The Conjuring

The film picks right after Annabelle. We see Debbie talking about the demonic activities of the doll. Ed and Lorraine decide to take Annabelle along with them. Later, the well-known demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren are seen in the middle of a lecture. There we see a video of Lorraine and Ed conducting an exorcism on a man named Maurice. Yep, that’s right! It is Frenchie from The Nun. It was the first time when Lorraine had an encounter with Valak. This incident is the key to Conjuring 2. After the lecture, Carolyn Perron seeks help of them, as her family has been experiencing some disturbing interruptions in the middle of the night.

The further investigation of the family’s Rhode Island home reveals that it used to belong to a devil-worshipper, Bathsheba. Back in 1863, Bathsheba was caught by her husband while trying to sacrifice their one-week-old son. Bathsheba immediately climbed a tree on their porch and hung herself while declaring her love for Satan.

Bathsheba possesses Carolyn, which ultimately forced the Warrens to perform an unsanctioned exorcism. In the end, it’s a success, and the Perron family moves on with their lives freely.

Daniela unknowingly unleashed all the spirits of Ed and Lorraine’s artifact room.

Annabelle Comes Home

Ed and Lorraine Warren head off to yet another case and leave their daughter Judy with a babysitter, Mary Ellen, alone in a house, which has about 500 cursed items in a room. One of them is, obviously, the Annabelle doll, which the Warrens took in The Conjuring. This movie explains that the evil does not possess the doll, but it is a conduit for evil.

Mary Ellen’s friend, Daniela, disturbs the doll along with unleashing all the ghosts in the artifact room, while looking for a glimpse of her dead father. The assembled group of horrifying ghosts terrorizes the three girls. But in the end, Annabelle is back in her case, which gets all the other artifacts to quit their terror.

The Curse of La Llorona or The “Weeping Woman.”

The Curse of La Llorona

This film is connected to the rest of the Conjuring Universe by a strand as thin as a hair. The film is based on the folklore figure La Llorona, the “Weeping Woman,” who drowned her two children after learning about her cheating husband. Now she wails on the Earth, searching for children to drag into the nearest water-body.

Anna Tate-Garcia is a Child Protective Services caseworker. She fails to protect the two sons of Patricia Alvarez, from La Llorona. Now Anna’s children are a target of the spirit. So, Anna seeks help from Father Perez, the priest from Annabelle, who has some experience with evil beings (remember the Annabelle!?). He tells her to seek advice from Rafael Olvera, a former priest who can banish the entity. In the end, they finally did stop the evil entity.

Ed beforehand saw Valak in his dreams.
Image: IMDb

The Conjuring 2

While investigating the Amityville murders, Lorraine has visions of Valak and the death of Ed. Later the duo investigates a case of the Hodgson family of Enfield, England, which was assaulted by a hostile poltergeist. The ghost that targets the eldest daughter, Janet, appears as the owner of the house Will Wilkins.

Because of her dangerous visions, Lorraine is hesitant to take on the Enfield case, but Ed wants to help the Hodgson family. While investigating, the security footage catches Janet smashing plates in her kitchen, which suggests all the happenings to be a hoax. When the Warrens were about to leave the city, Lorraine realizes that the ghost of Bill Wilkins is just a pawn of Valak, to get to Janet’s soul.

With Ed hanging out a window to save Janet over a sharp tree stump, Lorraine speaks Valak’s name, sending the demon back to hell.

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