The Croods 3 Release Schedule, Cast, And Expectations

We first meet the very adorable eponymous Stone Age family in ‘The Croods,’ in which they do search for a new place to live with the help of Guy, a more evolved caveman after their cave is rendered inhabitable.

Released in the year 2013, the first film is an absolute delight, which is why we were ecstatic when ‘The Croods: A New Age’ released in the month of November of the year 2020. Directed by Joel Crawford, it looks at the family as they try to make do with their new neighbors in an idyllic paradise.

The Croods: A New Age’ or ‘The Croods 2’ was released on November 25, 2020, in theatres across the United States. It will be made available on video on demand platforms from December 25, 2020.

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Interestingly, the project was greenlit back in the year 2014 but was canceled when Universal Pictures acquired DreamWorks Animation in the year 2016. Fortunately for us, in the year 2017, it was picked up once again.

It is not surprising that ‘The Croods 2’ opened to good reviews from critics. After all, amazing adventures and a refreshing story are much appreciated in today’s world. For this reason, we won’t be surprised if a third film is added to the franchise.

The Croods 3 Release Schedule, Cast, And Expectations

Although there is no news of such a project right now, if it were to be greenlit, we can expect ‘The Croods 3’ to release sometime in 2023 or later.

The patriarch, Grug Crood, ensures the safety of his family. Nicolas Cage is the one who voices this character. Catherine Keener is the wife, Ugga, whereas Emma Stone plays the role of his oldest daughter, Eep.

Clark Duke as Thunk and Randy Thom is Sandy. They are Grug’s other children. The beloved Ryan Reynolds voices Guy, the caveboy who lives with the family and is also dating Eep. Lastly, Cloris Leachman brings Ugga’s mother, Gran, to life.

The Croods 3
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We fully expect them to reprise their roles in the event of a sequel. Many others are instrumental to the plot. Peter Dinklage is Phil Betterman, the head of the family that lets the Croods stay with them.

Leslie Mann plays Hope, his wife. Kelly Marie Tran is their daughter, Dawn. However, we don’t think that they will be making a comeback.

Well, we will be updating you as soon as we get an update regarding the third part.

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