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The Crown Season 4: New Trailer Features Princess Diana’s Entry

The online streaming service providing platform, Netflix has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming series of the show, The Crown. It features Emma Corrin as Princess Diana, and along with the teaser, it also revealed that The Crown Season 4 would be launched globally on the streaming platform in November this year.

The Crown Season 4
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In the new trailer, it is witnessed that Olivia Colman‘s character, Queen Elizabeth can be heard in a voiceover which says, ‘Something as important as the monarchy, cannot simply be allowed to fail.’ The fourth season of the series will be the final outing of Olivia Colman as the monarch, as she is going to be replaced by Imelda Staunton for the fifth season.

The upcoming series of the show will be covering the era of Margaret Thatcher as the British Prime Minister, along with the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Meanwhile, Olivia admitted recently, that she is worried about the Queen Elizabeth hating her performance as the Queen in The Crown.

The Crown Season 4 | What Olivia Colman has to say?

In the third series of the regal drama, the 46-years-old actress replaced Claire Foy for playing the role of the monarch. The actress is worried that the Queen may watch the series, and she may not like it. She said that there is a lot more pressure on you if you are interpreting someone who is still alive. You will always be having a sense of fear in your mind that the person may watch the show and may not like it.

If Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t find her interpretation right, and she thought that it is entirely wrong, then she may even change the channels, after all, she is the Queen.

Olivia also admitted that it was quite more challenging to play the current British Monarch than Queen Anne in The Favourite. The reason behind this was that many people at that show were aware of Queen Elizabeth. She explained that it is definitely even more daunting to play the role of someone who is known by everyone.

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The Crown Season 4
Image Source – Indian Express

The ease in playing Queen Anne was that no one could actually tell Olivia that Anne didn’t sound like that, but everyone can say to her what the Queen sounds like, and it is quite annoying. It is always difficult to portray anyone whom everyone has an idea about, a picture of, and has a vision of them.

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