The Curse Of Oak Island: Season 8 | What Is Known So Far?

The Curse of Oak Island is one of the essential reality television gold. It is the fusion of storytelling, mystery and child-like curiosity blends in to form a classic television show. Ever since the series made it debut in the year 2014, the course of the show has consistently grown up and over. However, there is a segment of the viewing audience that does not like the production or the narration on the show.

In this article, we will be providing you with all the details related to The Curse of Oak Island: Season 8, including the current status and much more.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8
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Through all this anti-incumbency, come a light like no other. The cast of the series is captivating, and the show is easy on the eyes f the viewers, primarily due to the eradication of the melodrama. Marty and Rick Lagina are two brothers, who are passionate about the Oak Island since their childhood, reading about it in the Reader’s Digest. Now, it is the time to explore, along with the audience for the digging and searching.

The Curse of Oak Island: Season 8 Production Status

The rumblings over the year suggest that the eighth season of the series is currently not any near to the completion. As we all are aware that all the productions were shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Oak Island was also one of those shows whose production was shut down due to the virus. However, the fans of the series need not worry about the lack of the information about the official renewal of the series.

Both Hulu and History TV 18 know very well that the seventh season was a pre-plan to set up the eighth season. Also, this makes it seem like that the upcoming season might be the last one. If you follow the show, you may know that the seventh season of the series left us on the brink of a big reveal.

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The Curse of Oak Island Season 8
Image Source – History

It is confirmed from some reliable sources that the shooting for the eighth season is now underway on the island which have multiple sightings of the drones and equipment. The projections place the timings of the eighth season somewhere in the mid-2021. The audience enjoys learning about the history of the island and the different theories of what could be hidden on the island.

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