The Daily Life Of Immortal King Anime Season 2 Announcement: Plot, Release Date, Where To Watch

When talking about anime, Japanese animes are the first to strike, unlike Chinese anime. Japanese animes like Death Note, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, and One Piece rule this domain. Although Chinese animes are not that well known globally, The Daily Life Of Immortal King has somehow gained popularity. Now, its second season has been announced.

About The Daily Life Of Immortal King Anime:

The anime The Daily Life Of Immortal King is adapted from a Chinese novel whose author is Kuxuan. Qidian is the publisher of this novel in Chinese and English. The anime’s first season consists of 15 episodes, with its first episode premiering on January 18th, 2020. The producer of this anime is bilibili, while the animator is Haoliners Animation League.

Plot Of Season 1:

Just like One Punch Man, this anime’s protagonist is also an overpowered character. Wang Ling is the main character of The Daily Life Of Immortal King. He defeated a powerful demon at the age of six. Now at the age of sixteen, he is a near-invincible force having powers beyond his control. But, this is the time for his greatest battle yet which is The Senior High School. It seems that defeating a demon is far easier than solving Quadratic equations at school.

At the start of this anime, Wang was super powerful, but he lost all his memories after defeating the old driver. In addition, he also lost his powers, as a result becoming an average human. Power levels in this world are denoted by the color of the eyes where a person with red-eye is powerful while a person with greeneye is powerless.


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The Daily Life Of Immortal King Anime Season 2 Release Date:

With the announcement of The Daily Life Of Immortal King Season 2. Fans are once again excited as now they can witness the series getting an end that it deserves. The end of the first season was not what the fans expected it to be. Although the fans enjoyed it and the anime managed to maintain a constant rating on all rating platforms. Season 2 may have been announced; however, no release date has been told. Usually, an anime releases one or two years after the announcement. Therefore, it’s best to expect it to premiere in the last quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023. As the announcement was made in November 2020. Fans can stream the first season of the anime on Netflix.

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