The Day I Became A God: Suzuki Finds Staggering Connection! Dr. Korogi’s Plans Revealed!

The Day I Became A God anime is on a very interesting point right now. The world is going to end and the gods are not in the mood to save it. Fas are excited to see where the anime will lead us now and any predictions are worthless. With each episode, the anime presents something new and highly unpredictable. Here’s everything you need to know about the anime’s progress!

The Day I Became A God: Suzuki Finds Staggering Connection!

The Day I Became A God
Source: Funimaton

In the anime’s 7th episode, we saw that Suzuki is on to something much bigger. He is on a mission to uncover Dr. Korogi’s mysterious secrets. Previously, we saw that Dr. Korogi is researching advanced computers and algorithms. So, what exactly is planning? Is he trying to predict the future with these supercomputers and high-end technology? Or is it something sinister?

Suzuki is using every method and going to all extend to dig deeper in this case. When Suzuki reaches Dr. Korogi’s house, to find out more about his potentially sinister plans, he gets shocked. Dr. Korogi already emptied the place and destroyed everything in there. There was nothing that Suzuki can use to progress in his case.

So, Suzuki quickly reaches the place where the house’s contents are being recycled. He runs to the local recycling lot but was already late. Suzuki was not able to retrieve everything. However, he did manage to get some of his hands on a few documents and items. Amongst the retrieved items, there was also a framed photo of Dr. Korogi with his young daughter.

The Day I Became A God
Source: Funimaton

Who is Dr. Korogi’s Daughter?

In the framed photo, Dr. Korogi’s daughter had pink hair and bright eyes. She was none other than Hina/Odin Sato herself! Yes, Odin was the robed girl who declared that the world will end in 30 days. She is right now with Yota and they are helping others find joy and happiness in their lives.

This staggering connection sparks numerous possibilities that Hina/Odin Sato’s prescience is related to her father’s work. Additionally, Suzuki discovered from the documents that Dr. Korogi and his partner were researching immune systems. This directly points towards areas related to infectious diseases, auto-immune issues, and more.

The Day I Became A God
Source: Funimaton

So, is Dr. Korogi planning to use a biological weapon to end the world? Or is Hina suffering from an auto-immune problem? Does this mean that she will lose her life in 30 days and not everyone? All these questions will be answered soon as the anime progresses.

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We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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