The Day Of The Lord Ending Explained: Who Is On The Other End of the Call?

‘The Day of the Lord’ is a Spanish language horror movie that is supposed to be the first entry in the proposed film collection ‘Menendez’. It got here out as phase of Netflix’s Halloween 2020 collection. Directed via Santiago Alvarado Ilarri, the movie tells the story of a retired priest named Menendez (Juli Fàbregas), who is tormented by means of the guilt of his previous actions. One day, a buddy visits him and asks for his assist with his daughter, who he claims has grow to be possessed by means of a demon. Reluctant at first, Menendez ultimately has the same opinion to assist the younger girl, hoping that it will lead to his redemption.


The Day of the Lord Plot Synopsis

Menendez lives on my own in an historic and ramshackle house. He struggles each and every day to maintain on to the remaining remnants of his faith. Someone many times calls him on his landline, asking about his wellbeing. A girl named Marisa (Dolores Heredia) visits his domestic to take a look at up on him each and every week. It is published that he had carried out an exorcism on Marisa’s son, and even though he in the end compelled the demon to depart the boy’s body, the younger toddler died in the process. Menendez has considering the fact that been plagued by using nightmares about the incident.
One day, an historical buddy named Sebastián (Hector Illanes) suggests up at his doorstep. He tells the erstwhile priest that his daughter Raquel (Ximena Romo) is possessed and asks for Menendez’s help. He claims that he has long past to anyone else, from medical doctors to therapists, however no one has been in a position to assist her. Menendez warns him that his techniques are brutal, and Sebastián ought to now not favor his daughter to go thru that.

Sebastián replies that it will be higher for his daughter to die and be with God than to stay and be with the Devil. After adequate contemplation, Menendez consents to serve the Lord and carry returned Raquel from the clutches of the demon. Menendez is hopeful that saving his pal Sebastián’s girl, Raquel, will deliver him redemption for his failure with Marisa’s son.

The Day of the Lord Ending Explained

Not lengthy after, Raquel strikes into Menendez’s house. At first, she seems like any different rebellious youngster who has been compelled to do some thing in opposition to their wishes. Menendez secretly conducts experiments on her to see if she is possessed by means of a demon and discovers that a malevolent being is actually the use of her as a host. On Sunday, additionally recognised as Lord’s Day, lending the movie its name, he calls Sebastián from Raquel’s smartphone and tells him to come to his residence so that he can assist him with the exorcism.

The preceding few days have examined the staying power and advantage of the former priest. Immediately after his arrival, Raquel (or the demon inside her) is crass and abusive. When that doesn’t work, she tries seduction, which ends when Menendez knocks her out, takes her to the basement and ties her up. When he starts torturing her to purge her soul of the demonic influence, her tone modifications again. Now, she is a sufferer of horrible abuse. It leaves a deep influence on Menendez as well, as he fears that this try may additionally end result in the demise of the man or woman he is making an attempt to save.

The Exorcism

When Sebastián arrives, the two go down to the basement to pull the demon out of the girl. But it performs a sufferer flawlessly and convinces Raquel’s father to launch her. While handed out, Menendez has a imaginative and prescient of himself, dressed up in clerical attire, and sporting the masks of a plague doctor. After he regains consciousness, he eventually realizes it is the identical demon he dealt with all these years ago. The demon that now inhabits Raquel’s physique as soon as plagued Marisa and her son. The demon mocks the priest by way of pronouncing that he failed to store the boy’s soul, and he has ended up in hell with them.

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Magnifying what Menendez considers the biggest failure of his life, the demon tortures its ancient enemy, nicely conscious that the former priest hasn’t forgiven himself for it. Sebastián manages to knock Raquel out with a furnace extinguisher. He and Menendez then bind her with the chains from the time of the Inquisition. As Menendez explains, the chains include the struggling of all the possessed souls, which will be painful for the demon. They then whole the exorcism, forcing it to take a bodily structure for the first time, performing as Menendez.

After Sebastián leaves with his daughter, the demon indicates his real shape and tries to assault Menendez. With a makeshift cross, he manages to defeat it. Although Raquel is free from the demonic influence, she is going to have in mind all the horrible matters she did. Her lifestyles will by no means be regular again, nor will her relationship with her father. The demon compelled them to go to a location the place a father-and-daughter relationship need to in no way venture, and it has probable left everlasting scars on each of them.

Who Is on the Other End of the Call?

Throughout the film, Menendez receives these cellphone calls on his landline, reputedly from a well-wisher. The closing scenes expose that the phone’s cable is severed. The largest thriller of ‘The Day of the Lord’ is the identification of this caller. Considering this fictional world is crammed with supernatural beings, we can safely count on that these calls really appear and are no longer simply a figment of Menendez’s imagination.
Whatever it is, it looks benevolent. The way in which Menendez communicates with it, suggests that he thinks it’s divine. Either way, if Netflix’s design of making a collection out of this movie does come to fruition, this query will in all likelihood be answered in the sequel.

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Is the Day of the Lord Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Menendez: The Day of the Lord’ is now not primarily based on a authentic story. Ilarri wrote the script alongside with Ramón Salas. Production corporations Invico Capital, Magno Entertainment, and Minds Eye Entertainment came collectively to produce the film, with Netflix serving as its distributor. The title of the movie refers to Sunday. Several years earlier than the story begins, Menendez’s tries to exorcise a demon from a boy’s physique ends in disaster.

Although he manages to shop the boy’s soul, the younger infant dies throughout the process. Since then, he has grow to be deeply embittered about his trust and obligations as a preacher. When Sebastián suggests up at his residence and requests his assist with his daughter, Menendez is reluctant about accepting the accountability however sooner or later realizes that it may grant him with a route returned to his faith. The nature of evil has interested filmmakers for a lengthy time.

In 1973, when ‘The Exorcist’ got here out, it used to be deemed ground-breaking in its nearly literal interpretation of the Biblical evil. Following the success of the cult horror film, demons and different sorts of Hellish creatures have grow to be pretty frequent in cinema. What units ‘Menendez: The Day of the Lord’ aside from these types of movies is the vulnerability that the protagonist shows in the face of evil.

He is a tortured soul, desperately looking for to get again to the mild of his God, however simply doesn’t comprehend how to. However, as soon as he figures that out, it will become less difficult for him to deal with the evil he encounters. Reports advocate that the producers are planning to make a movie sequence about the priest, with ‘The Day of the Lord’ being the first entry.

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