The Dungeon of Black Company anime: Manga gets a TV anime adaptation.

Manga fans will be happy to hear that The Dungeon of Black Company Fantasy is going to be adapted in a TV anime series. The manga started in 2016 and received an overwhelming response from the fans. It has a thrilling and exciting storyline. Fans were eagerly waiting for the fantasy to get an anime adaptation. In this post, we are going to talk about the details of the manga anime adaptation.


Crunchyroll shared the news on July 1, officially on his Twitter account, leaving the fans excited and waiting for their favorite manga to get adapted as anime.

Talking about The Dungeon of Black Company, Crunchyroll shared, MAG Garden’s webcomic site MAGCOMI announced today that a TV anime adaptation of The Dungeon of Black Company’s project had been decided. And soon work is going to start on it. In fact, The Manga has been serialized by the same publisher in the magazine, which comes every month. And it is all set to release its sixth tankobon volume on July 10, 2020. More details about the staff of the project and broadcast will be announced on the later date.

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The Dungeon of Black Company Anime Adaptation:

Well, Fans will be pleased to know that the author of the manga has also tweeted regarding the anime adaptation. Let’s have a look at the translation of his Tweet:

“I’m sorry to make this announcement out of the blue, but we’re in the process of having The Dungeon of Black Company produced. As a TV anime. Apparently, I’m surprised at the news more than anyone else in the world, thinking like ‘Seriously?’ But it’s serious. I would welcome your support for the animated The Dungeon of Black Company!”

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More information about the anime adaptation is yet to be officially announced. We can say that even the author of the manga took the manga’s fans by a surprise. Moreover, In his tweet, he gently apologized for giving the good news out of the blue without any prior information and hints. Well, for the audience who loves animes and is a great fan of The Dungeon of Black Company, this will be a good watch. Let’s hope the release date of the anime will be revealed soon, and we will get to watch the anime soon.

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