The Ellen DeGeneres Show Isn’t Going Off Air; Producer Confirms

The executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show says that the show is not going off Air as the investigation at the workplace continues. According to the reports, Andy Lassner, the Executive Producer of the show, shared his thoughts on the future of the show on Twitter. A Twitter user wished the producer well in response to another tweet, and he also wrote that if due to allegations, the show goes off the Air. He also said that he hopes you can find employment quickly.

Ellen DeGeneres
Image Source – Evening Standard

Warner Bros. Television, in the last week, sent an internal memo informing the staffers that Warner Bros. Media will be seeking the services of an independent third-party firm. They will interview the current and former employees about their individual experiences behind the scenes on the popular show. This happened after one current, and ten other former employees opened up anonymously about their experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an article.

Ellen DeGeneres Show is not going Off Air

No particular claims against Ellen DeGeneres, the host, were made. However, it was also said in the article that the producers made a set of toxic work experience for many individuals. Among all the claims that were made, there were mentions of being fired after taking leaves for medical purposes or the bereavement days. With all the others claiming that they were asked not to speak to DeGeneres if she was in the office.

Ellen DeGeneres
Image Source – Evening Standard

Lassner, along with the executive producers, Ed Glavin and Mary Connelly, on July 17, expressed their regrets over the experiences of the former employees in a statement. In addition to this, in an internal letter that was sent to the show staff, DeGeneres apologized and told that she was having conversations about justice and fairness.

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