“Oyedeng” is the Seventh Episode from the Fifth season of “The Expanse”. While we know exactly which way the show is going, the journey is still incredible. However, the fact is that at this point in the fifth season, with Fifty-Seven episodes in, the series is still interesting.

Marisol Adler returns to his favorite place, behind the cameras to direct this episode. Additionally, the sci-fi and mystery fusion show is growing in stature as far as series’ go. With the new year, a lot of big-budget shows and cinema is coming out, but “The Expanse” is unique and one of its kind. The latest episode come out on 13 January 2021 and is getting immense praise and attention.

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What happened in “Oyedeng” from The Expanse?

This show is famous for being all about human connection. In order, this episode is no different than how we imagine it to be in terms of quality. We get to see Naomi wrongly thinking that she has finally got together with her son.

However, she is heartbroken as she is abandoned and used as a tool to kill her family and the man she loves. Dominique, Keon, Filip and Cyn perform like no other. The acting performances for everyone is also absolutely phenomenal. In the final scene people are complaining about how this is completely wrong.

It was made to be known that you can survive in vacuum for as long as you have oxygen in your blood. One of the reasons we see most people die from vacuum exposure is because they are holding their breath. This phenomena causes a pressure differential between your lungs and the vacuum which causes significant damage to the lungs.

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What is next for the franchise and when will the next episode air?

The story is advancing, that too very significantly, in this episode, and there are multiple moments where we’re on the edge of our seats. So, inspite of no-Amos, just a cameo of Avasarala and the teribble accent cock-up, this was one of the most interesting and satisfying episodes in a bit of time. In an already outstanding sci-fi production, the future looks as bright as any in the genre. It leaves us wanting more, but moreover, so thrilled about the possibilities of what is yet to come.

Title of the next episode is “Hard Vacumn” and it’s as intriguing as any. The episode will be airing on 20 January 2021 and all fans are looking towards it with starry eyed.

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