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 The F**k It List Netflix: Is The Ending As Savage As Its Title?

Netflix has its new movie The F**k It List aired this July. Another coming of age movie with a theme ever so different. The movie is directed by Michael Duggan and stars Eli Brown, Madison Iseman, Jerry O’Connell, and Natalie Zea. The story is about a high school student (Like every other coming of age movie) experience a change in priorities. Now let’s discuss what the ending meant.

The F**K It List: Ending 

Well in the story Brett the main character is turned down by most of the major Ivy League colleges after being accepted because he was caught and convicted doing some shady sh*t. The thing about this concept is that it’s the story of the loss of the spoiled brats in the USA. So why should this story be interesting? Well, it’s not. The things he did next was a little questionable though.

Still from the movie – The F**k It List
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Brett decides to make The F**k It List, his list. He decides to live life on his own terms cause of-course! And in doing so, he becomes an internet sensation cause people love to watching stupid Sh*t. Here’s what I think, it’s okay if you don’t want to go to an Ivy League school or live life as you see fit for you but burning books to make a statement! That’s some F**ked up thing to do.

The story of the F**k It List ends with Brett getting away with things like this. Parents in this movie are so dumb and ignorant. Honestly, it was bad even for a common coming of age movie. The ending just sends a message to the young people like us that you don’t have to respect education and do whatever you want. It’s honest to God, a waste of time. If you see it as a cringe-worthy content and you like such stuff then go for it. The F**k It List is streaming on Netflix right now. If you have nothing better to do than F**k it, give it a watch.

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Ayush Joshi
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