‘The Flight Attendant’ portrays the life of Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco), a flight attendant who meets charming and charismatic Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) on a flight to Bangkok. They spend the evening and night with each other. When she wakes up the following morning, she finds that Alex has been killed while she was asleep. The show is a mind-bending whodunnit that revolves around the journey of Cassie from Thailand to the US to Italy to Korea. In episode 7, several mysteries finally open up as Cassie and Miranda (Michelle Gomez) talk. The episode also discloses why Cassie keeps having visions of rabbits. SPOILERS AHEAD.


Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant. Image: the-sun.com

The Flight Attendant Episode 7 Recap

The episode starts from the ending of the last episode. Miranda takes Cassie to an empty alley, where she starts enquiring the other woman about whom she works for. Cassie finally manages to convince her that she is just a flight attendant. She also persuades Miranda to agree to talk to Annie (Zosia Mamet). When they meet, Annie, for the first time, discovers that Cassie’s words have always been true. Miranda wants her to reach out to the FBI on her behalf. She is ready to disclose all the details about her organization if the government agrees to provide her protection.

Later, Miranda tries to make Cassie go to Canada to hide from Victor (Ritchie Coster) and his psychopathic henchman Felix. According to her, Alex was totally unaware that his parents were involved in the illegal weapons trade. When he discovered, he left with $200 million, so their entire operation would be hindered. When she met him and Cassie on that day, she was trying to unsuccessfully convince him to give her the money. Felix later came and killed Alex. She also informs Cassie that she didn’t kill Sabrina and the FBI agent that was following her. Elsewhere, Annie confesses to Max (Deniz Akdeniz) that she loves him.

The Flight Attendant Episode 7 Ending

Cassie tells Miranda that she can’t just run and finds that Alex was carrying the codes to the account where he kept the money in his copy of ‘Crime and Punishment’. She and Miranda go toAnnie’s apartment to get the book, but Felix arrives just then. As they try to escape from him, Miranda drops the book, and Felix gets hold of it.

When she narrates Cassie a horror story from Felix’s childhood involving a dead cat, the latter instantly realizes that she has heard the story. As she peeps out from the hiding spot, her fears turn true. Felix is indeed Buckley (Colin Woodell). In order to get the book back from him, she later reluctantly agrees to become bait in Miranda’s trap for him.

Megan’s Truth Comes Out

While he is at the office, Megan’s (Rosie Perez) husband gets interrogated by his superiors. They have found the bug that Megan embedded in his computer. What she thought was harmless corporate espionage came out to be far more dangerous as it is disclosed that Megan inadvertently was working for the North Korean government. As her husband’s company does defense work for the US government, Megan has stolen state secrets for a rival nation.


Rosie Perez in The Flight Attendant. Image: serienjunkies.de

As the level of her own foolishness starts to become clear to Megan, she approaches her husband for comfort, but he is too taken aback to even answer and puts the phone down. In her desire of thrill in her otherwise boring life, Megan seems to have brought her family close to destruction.

The Rabbit

Miranda leads Cassie to a church to meet one of her contacts. They reach there as an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is about to start. Cassie still denies that she is an alcoholic, but during the meeting, she starts having hallucinations again. She escapes away from the meeting, but her memories find her. She is made to recall the day when her father died. They both were heavily drinking when their pick-up truck slashed against another vehicle, leading to the loss of lives of two teenagers who were in it.


The Flight Attendant. Image: bleedingcool.com

Cassie first saw a rabbit when she got out of the car. As she tells her mind’s image of Alex, Cassie considers herself responsible for her father’s death. She was his “drinking buddy.” He only went so high when he was with her. Despite making progress with her brother, Cassie hasn’t yet started to think that she was as much of a victim of their father’s abuse as Davey. This certainly has some connection with her drinking problem.