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The God Of High School Episode 6: What’s New?

God Of High School Episode 6 is just around the corner and we have all the updates you need. This manga offers a higher deal of entertainment which makes it so amazing. Its action scenes choreography is among the bests and has a modern appeal to it. Also, the manga has hinted about future plot developments that’ll offer a lot more than relentless action.

The God Of High School
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‘The God of High School’ is the anime no one wants to miss out on. If you have already seen all the first 5 episodes, read on further to know everything about its next episode.

God of High School Episode 6: Release Date

‘The God of High Highschool’ anime’s fifth episode is all set to release on August 10, 2020.

Crunchyroll and VRV air the anime’s English subbed version for the fans worldwide. Webtoons offer its source web manga created by Yongje Park.


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In the fourth episode, we learned about Mira’s past, how she acquired the sword and fighting skills from her father. A rich guy asks for Mira’s hand in marriage after being lured by her ability to wield godly Katana. Her father thinks this is the best for her and decides to marry her. However, Mira wants to fight and does not want to get married. But Mira cannot defy her father so she decides to get married.

Mori and Han stop the marriage as soon as they hear about this. The groom fights them but they defeat him very easily. Eventually, Mira loses her sword but she believes that her father’s fighting spirit is all she needs to win.

The God Of High School
Source: Crunchyroll

When Mira and Han fight, Han shows his shrewd side and knocks her down by striking her previous wound. He wins the semi-finals against Mira but Mori is not sure about his motives.

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In the fifth episode, we saw that Han was determined to save his best friend and decided to win the tournament. So he defeated Mira in the semi-finals only to face Mori in the finals.

In Mori’s semi-finals, he easily managed to defeat Brazilian Jiu-jitsu user, Byeon Jaehee. Han learns that Seungtae has already decided to resolve and this only makes it difficult to face him.

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