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The God of High School: Episode 9: What’s In The Store For The Next Episode?

The God of High School is a South Korean internet manhwa written and illustrated by Yongje Park. A Manhwa is a general Korean term for anime comics and print cartoons. However, MAPPA is responsible for adapting the comics into the animated series for the screen. There sure was a lot of buzz surrounding Crunchyroll’s Manhwa adaptations.

‘Tower of God’ blew everyone away with its unique animation style, brilliantly choreographed action scenes, and poignant drama. God of High School is now carrying the Manhwa legacy forward and is doing well so far. It covers genres like shounen, action, comedy, adventure. It is proving to give some memorable action scenes. And from what we know about its upcoming episodes, it will only get better with time.

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As we saw before, Mori and his team manage to win again Park Mujin fights with one of his board members. He wanted to kill him but he decided to let him go and said that he will pay for the damages of the building. It has been revealed that Nox was tricked into killing a fake puppet instead of the commissioner. The commissioner is moved to safety with his family and wife.

With all that being said, let’s jump straight to the release date of The God of  High School episode 9.

Release Date 

The God of High School Episode 9 will be released on Monday, 31 July 2020 at 11:30 PM JST. The new episodes of The God of High School are released every Monday.

Where can I watch The God of High School?

You can watch The God Of High School Episode 9 as well as all the previous episodes here on crunchyroll.com and VRV. You can also read its source web manga on Webtoons, which has been created by Yongje Park. Try to use only the legal sources to watch and help the creators.

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What is The God of High School about? 

The main character is Jin Mo-Ri who is a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. He is invited to join a Martial Arts tournament called The God of High School or GOH. It is sponsored by a shady corporation. But still, it brings together people from high schools all over South Korea to participate. It is held on a regional level first and then on a national level. 3 representatives will get selected for the World Tournament.

The Winner will get to place a wish. The hosting co-operation will fulfill that wish with no questions asked. This makes Mo-Ri more interested. He continues through the tournament meeting many competitors with a different way of fighting. The participants fight by using borrowed power, mystical energy granted by supernatural entities such as gods, demons, mythical creatures.

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