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The God Of High School: Strong Friendship Builds And Breaks Apart!

The God of High School anime’s fourth episode was by far the least action-driven episode. It has been the series’ most dramatic episode. Find out below what the fuss is all about!

Mira is suddenly forced to marry a martial art’s celebrity. Mori and Daewi stand in the way and coerces her not to leave the tournament of her dreams.

The God Of High School: What Happens With Mira?

In Episode 4, we saw that Mira and Daewi are down the road to fight each other. Mori is all set for the fight and take on the winner in finals. Out of the blue, Mira decides to leave the tournament to accept the marriage proposal. Mori does his best to change her mind so that his plans remain undisturbed.

God Of High School
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Seongjin is the man Mira is about to marry. He is the handsome face of South Korea’s martial arts scene. He seems like a perfect match for a swordswoman of Mira’s talent and ambition. Mira is still a high-school girl and he’s the adult chairman of a big company. This makes things a bit odd, and surely gross.

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Thankfully, Mori asks for Daewi’s help as he suspects Seongjin is a predator (which he is). On the other hand, Mira’s uncle directly questions why Seongjin would want to wed a child. In his response, Seongjin says he sees her “one-of-a-kind potential for purity.” And the grossness just got worse!

Why suddenly take such a decision?

Mira is doing all this just for the sake of her father’s dream. She wants to preserve her late father’s rare Moon Sword style. She believes Seongjin’s claim that he can give the style a global platform.

Eventually, they decide a face-off. Mira defeats Seongjin’s power with her bare hands. She suffers from a severe injury but realizes that the true power lies within herself and not in the sword.

The God Of High School
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The episode could have ended after this. But what we did not see coming, it when Daewi’s sick friend takes a turn for the worst. His ailing health drives Daewi to try and win the tournament’s wish prize. Eventually, his kind-hearted persona built up in previous episodes is shattered for his friend.

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Daewi brutally knocks down Mira out of the tournament and his on his way to winning the prize. Mori gets stunned by his behavior. Daewi challenges and tells Mori that he’ll see him in the finals.

It seems, their friendship has come to a definitive end. More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!


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