The God Of High School: SHOCKING Mystery Of “Key” Revealed!

The God Of High School anime is on a turning point right now. What most thought to be just a regular action series, has turned out to be much more than that. This anime offers a higher deal of entertainment which makes it so amazing. Its action scenes choreography is among the bests and has a modern appeal to it. Here’s everything you know about the ‘key’!

The God Of High School: What is this ‘Key’?

Park Mujin is the ongoing tournaments organizer. His main aim behind the tournament is something different. These weekly fight will increase the contestant’s stress levels. Park is hoping that this stress level rise will awaken something known as the “Key” in one of its participants.

With the Key’s power, one can challenge God. Park’s main aim is to obtain this Key. Nox, a group devoted to God stands in his way. They will do everything in their power to destroy the Key.

The God Of High School
Source: Crunchyroll

The anime’s past few episodes have hinted that Jin Mori is the Key. He uses taekwondo and is the strongest in the tournament. What we never saw coming is that the real Key is his current rival, Park Ilpyo.

Ilpyo and Mori have a connection!

Ilpyo is a fighter cut from a noble cloth and has his own style. He is not like the teal-haired Jegal, whose megalodon charyeok makes short work of the Nox assassin. Also, Jegal and Ilpyo have a rough history. Jegal made Ilpyo’s cousin’s legs useless in their fight. Ilpyo wants to win the tournament so that he can use his wish to heal his cousin.

The God Of High School
Source: Crunchyroll

Interestingly, Ilpyo and Mori also have a connection. Mori’s grandfather was a legendary fighter. The Nox had captured him because of his immense power. This pushed Ilpyo toward his antiquated taekwondo fighting style when he was a young child. Mori’s grandpa single-handedly raised Mori, He told Ilpyo to “teach Mori a thing or two” if they ever met again.

Ilypo remembers that and he does exactly what he was asked. He and Mori clash in the arena for the Group A semifinal round. Ilypo’s intentions were noble but his approaching taunts were provocative. Ilpyo analyses his opponent’s style and then gets inside their head. He tells them their every weakness and brings down their morale and eventually defeat them.

The God Of High School
Source: Crunchyroll

Mori and Ilpyo reached an impasse after some time. Ilpyo was able to counter Mori’s every move but was not able to attack him. His every attack on Mori did no damage to him and it all went to vain. Ilpyo, however, is confident that Mori will eventually tire down and he will win.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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