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In the last of ‘The Great,’ Catherine chooses a hard decision. She was planning to assassinate the King because of his brutal behavior. The story tells us about a woman who wants to fight with her husband, Peter III of Russia.

Marial and the Court help her, because they also want to save the nation from the Brutal King, Peter. She has many plans for the Country, and they can only be done when her husband is removed from her way.

The Great
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The problem comes in the plan when Elizabeth understands that it was Catherine who wants to kill Peter all long. Elizabeth praises the bravery of Catherine, but was committed to the Thorne. She already told Elizabeth about her pregnancy, to influence her in favor.

Catherine was again ready with her plan, but was surprised to know that Peter has Leo. She lost her patience, but Peter lock her in a room. On the other side, the army and Orlov was ready to attack Archie, but was stopped by Marial. Archie encourages Marial to tell everything to the King.

The Great
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Ending of ‘The Great’

Marial does the same, but he also told the King about the pregnancy. The King gave her two choices, Either they go back with their army, or he will kill Leo.

Marial was ready to go back, but the King does not stay on his words. Velementov has started capturing the palace, but was shocked to know that Catherine wants to back down.

He asks her that what is more important for her? Country or Lover? Catherine decided to go with the Country, she goodbye Leo and go back to the palace. Leo was killed, and that’s what Peter told about, but Catherine paid the price.

In the end, Catherine undertakes that, as a ruler, you have to be ready to sacrifice everything.

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