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The Great Heist: What Came Out Of The Robbery Really

The Great Heist is a Netflix original that started streaming its first season from 14th August. It’s a Colombian show based on the 1994 robbery of $33 million from Colombia’s central bank rocks the country. With just 6 episodes it’s a miniseries starring Marcela Benjumea, Paula Castaño, and Andres Parra.  The episodes have been titled as

No. Title Original release date
1 “The Big One” August 14, 2020
2 “The Crew” August 14, 2020
3 “Punch” August 14, 2020
4 “Escape from Valledupar” August 14, 2020
5 “Funny Money” August 14, 2020
6 “All the Money in the World” August 14, 2020


Let’s take a look at the ending of the show for those of you have watched. The rest of you can check out the trailer and go out now cause we have a lot of SPOILERS! here.

The Great Heist: Plot

In the story Chayo a con-man and thief and an overall unlawful person. He runs a Jewelry store as a front to justify his money but he makes money from his bad-deeds. At the start of the series, he’s in terrible debt, particularly as his last robbery failed spectacularly. Chayo decides to break into the vault of Columbia’s foremost bank. The money he needs to finance it all comes from the mafia who threatens to kill him if he doesn’t double their investment. That’s when he comes up with an idea to steal from the Colombian bank of Republic.

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From getting funded by a dangerous criminal organization to getting the cops on his payroll, Chayo is ready to do whatever it takes to make his heist a success. Some unforeseen situation leads to some minor hitches, but overall, the plan works out. It is later that the team discovers that their troubles have only just begun.

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“Chayo” from The Great Heist.
Courtesy: Netflix

The Ending Of The Show:

The ending, the real ending of the show begins after the money was stolen from the bank. 24 billion pesos taken out of the bank and gone. Now the government decided to ban all that money and it’s serial numbers to render it useless. that means anyone who comes in contact with those bills can report it. Now, this created huge problems for the team.

Jackie who took help from her people to get initial money for the robbery was left mortified. The criminal organization that funded the heist approached her to either show the money or turn in the mastermind behind the plan(Chayo). Jackie’s most loyal subordinate was killed so she became tempted to turn Chayo in, but decided against it due to adherence to the criminal moral code of not being a snitch. In the end, the people catch her kills her.

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Now I find this funny cause after they killed Jackie and caught up to Chayo at that time the government reversed its position on the money stolen. They claimed now that putting so much money out of circulation would be bad for the overall economy and that saved Chayo’s neck. Jackie you poor thing! The but things are not all breezy yet.

The Downfall Of The Heist Members:

Estivan was always the untrustworthy one of the group. Estivan had a boyfriend inside the police force named Miguel. He told him that they were planning a heist and there was goign to be robbery real soon. They both devise their different plan to get more money by extorting another gang member Dragon.

With Miguel in charge, corrupt police raid Dragon’s (He based on Bonilla Esquivel. who is considered the first one to confess due to fear) home and threaten to kill his family if he doesn’t tell them the location of his money. Dragon capitulates, but they believe he has another stash stored elsewhere. His family convinces him to go to the police station. He confesses and gives up Lt Monroy, the police officer working for the gang who he believes is behind the raid. In turn, Monroy gives up Molina. And thus the downfall of The Great Heist  begins

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The Great Heist Conclusion:

“still from the series”
Courtesy: Pinterest

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In the very end, Chayo seems helpless and his wife leaves him after dragon’s arrest cause she got a scent he might be involved in this given his background. Chayo is shattered by this, his whole reason or what he considered to be the reason for his conduct was gone. Another sad thing that happens is when Sardino disregards Chayo, Chayo’s last hope at support was gone. Sardino was angry because Chayo never accepted him as a son in front of everyone hence his anger is justified.

After this hope devoid affairs Chayo takes his money and hides somewhere countryside. but no bad deed goes unpunished. Chayo was caught by the police 3 years later and was arrested for the Great Heist. What’s the point of pulling such robbery when you know you are going to get caught. In the end, nothing really came out of it and everyone was punished for their deeds as they should be.


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