The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 3: Jorota Makes A Comeback!

The Gymnastics Samurai anime’s episode 3 is just around the corner. The anime is a massive hit and has a huge fan following. Everyone is waiting for the anime’s new episode. So, without wasting much time, lest get deep into the details!

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 3: Release Date

The anime’s new episode is all set to land on Sunday, 25 October 2020, at 1:30 AM JST. As we know, the anime’s release every new episode on a Sunday. Gogoanime airs all the anime’s latest episodes on its website.

The Gymnastics Samurai
Source: MAPPA

Hisatoshi Shimizu has directed the anime and Shigeru Murakoshi has written it. MAPPA is the anime’s producer and studios. Additionally, Kasumi Fukagawa has designed the anime’s characters. Masaru Yokoyama has composed all the music and TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation premiered the series in October 2020.


Japanese men’s gymnastics had a strong world in 2002. Shotaro Aragaki had devoted his entire life to the sport and gave his everything to it. Everyone called him Samurai and respected his skills. However, things did not turn out as he planned.

The Gymnastics Samurai
Source: MAPPA

After an unexpected turn of events, his coach, Amakusa suggested to Aragaki that it would better if he retires. Aragaki’s daughter, Rei, and his wife, Tomoyo Mifune agree with this. However, something happens and an encounter changes the Aragaki family’s fate forever.

Episode 2 Full Recap!

Aragaki’s plans got ruined when he was injured during practice. He had devoted his entire life to this sport. He has accomplished amazing heights in his career and this injury will change everything. Also, Jotaro Aragaki is an Olympic silver and bronze medallist.

As we saw earlier, his coach asks him to retire. Aragaki’s daughter, Rei, and his wife, Tomoyo Mifune agree with this. They said that they will support him no matter what. Aragaki’s retirement, however, took the media by a storm. No one believed it and everyone said that he is faking it. His daughter gets tired of this news defaming her father. Every TV channel is just showing this and they are fed up with it.

The ComeBack!

Jorota finds this all highly overwhelming to handle and he could not take it. He also had nothing else left in his life without this sport. So, he decides to go back and come out of retirement. Jorota approaches his coach and tells him his. His coach does not agree with him at all. Additionally, his coach says that he should come to his club anymore.

The Gymnastics Samurai
Source: MAPPA

This did not stop Jorota from following his dreams. He started training on his own and came out stronger than ever. He then went to his coach and asked him again. This time, his coach saw an entirely different Jorota and welcomed him with open hands.

Jorota’s story is still now over, instead, it just started. We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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