The Hardy Boys: First Trailer For The Hulu Show Revealed; What Is It About?

The Hardy Boys first trailer released! Know all the details!

Hulu sets premiere dates for the new adaption of The Hardy Boys. The first trailer for Hulu’s reboot showcases the new mystery series action-packed with twists and turns. The revival brings a brand-new storyline and some new faces. For this alteration of the classic detective book series, Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot play Frank and Joe Hardy.

Check out the trailer here:


Storyline of The Hardy Boys

The plot tells the story of two brothers. Due to a family tragedy, Frank, 16, and Joe, 12, move from the big city to their parents’ hometown of Bridgeport for the summer. They live with their Aunt Trudy (played by Bea Santos), and during the same time they come to know their father, detective Fenton Hardy (played by James Tupper), has taken on a secret investigation. Intrigued by their father’s job, the boys and some friends take it upon themselves to start their analysis; and everyone is a suspect.

What the lead actors have to say?

“The Hardy Boys is a mix of a bunch of different genres. But the main aspect of the show is a classic whodunit, so just when you think you’ve got it figured out, there’s a twist,” Elliot said in one of his interviews. “There’s also a lot of comedy and action, but at times it can get dark and dramatic. So it’s pretty much a blend of everything you would want in one show.”

The Hardy Boys (Source: Hulu)

When Campbell was in an interview, he said, “We meet Frank and Joe at the beginning, the origin story of the boys we know and love from the books. This particular chapter is full of friendship, family, adventure and a ton of heart, and we join the boys on one of their toughest journeys through brotherhood. We get to be right there with them as they step into the unknown. We had such a blast creating this,” he adds. “And I hope everyone watching it has just as much fun.”

Tupper, who plays their father, said, “This show is something I think both teens and adults will enjoy. The show is one great long whodunit with a twist ending even I didn’t see coming.”

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Release Date of The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys (Source: Hulu)

The Hardy Boys premieres on Hulu on the 4th of December. The Disney-owned streamer will debut all thirteen episodes.

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