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The Hater Movie Ending: Did Tomasz Really Change?

‘The Hater’ is a 2020 Polish thriller movie written by Mateusz Pacewicz. It is based on Suicide Room by Jan Komasa who is also the director of the film. It was released on Netflix on 29 July. Read on for the movie plot and its ending. Spoilers Ahead!

The Hater: Plot Summary

The Hater has a protagonist Tomasz Giemza, a disgraced student who is expelled from his law school for plagiarism. This causes his benefactors, the Krasuckis to turn their back on him. They also force Gabi, their daughter and also Tomasz’s crush, to stay away from him. However, Tomasz tries to win back Gabi by acquiring a better social status and public fame. For this, he joins a PR company that thrives on spreading fake news for gaining popularity. Their aim is to defame celebrities and politicians for their own growth.


Tomasz excels at his job at the company and rises in rank. Now, his boss Baeta asks him to undertake the task of defaming politician Pawel Rudnicki who is campaigning for upcoming Mayor elections. He achieves this task and also becomes successful in harassing and avenging against the Krasuckis.

Tomasz’s plan against Pawel

Tomasz works maniacally in disgracing Pawel in ‘The Hater’. He plans to enter Pawel’s party by being a Volunteer only to gather the confidential information about him. Along with Guzek, who he meets through the dark web, spoils Pawel’s campaign by asking him condescending questions. Not only this, Tomasz drugs Pawel and films him dancing at a gay bar and releases this media publically.

However, Tomasz’s final plan is to organize a support meeting that includes the Krasuckis. He orders Guzek to raid this meeting and shoot everyone.

The Hater: Ending Explained

In the ending scenes of ‘The Hater’, Gabi apologizes to Tomasz. This causes him to act as a national hero and stop Gunez’s fatal raid who he had himself ordered.

A scene from The Hater
Source: Netflix

Later on, after earning Krasuckis’ trust, he still has the fear that Baeta will tell about his planned raid to the cops. He then threatens his boss, Beata about revealing all the fake news and malicious activities that her company does. This way he becomes the owner of the PR company and gets an upper hand at his boss.

The final moments of the movie ‘The Hater’, show him sitting and grieving with Krasuckis after gaining their trust again. However, will he put an end to his dark approaches and evil acts are still unknown? He has no regrets and remorse for his past actions. Moreover, now he being the boss he may work and indulge in bigger and more thrilling scandals.

Thus, ‘The Hater’ draws realistic reference to how the dark web, manipulative media, and fake news can disrupt a popular celebrity, politician, or any group.

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