The Hater: Netflix’s New Endeavor In Foreign Movies

The Hater is Netflix’s new endeavor in thrillers (a teen movie, but also an adult watch). It is originally a Polish film by Jan Komasa, released worldwide. The movie is about a kid pursuing law school with psychopathic tendencies and his experiences. It’s a good movie but what kind of message it sends out? Check out the trailer before we review the movie.


The Hater Review:

The story follows a young man name Tomasz. Who is failing law school and is going to get expelled. He goes on and confronts his old family friends who actually were the ones paying for his law school. Here is the first time we see his weird tendencies. He lives the room leaving his phone recording on after he confronts his friends. Later he hears what they had to say about him. Those are some subtle signs that the movie makes.

Still from the The Hater
courtesy: Pinterest

Further in The Hater, Tomasz takes on the internet to vent. You can understand the title better if you see it as an internet trolling perspective. Tomasz is motivated by a crush to do stupid things very honestly. He becomes more successful at one of those mysterious tech companies that exist to influence social media. He starts making content that discredits a Health guru on the internet. He continuously doing these and ensures violence occurs due to his actions.

So, as a movie The Hater portrays the danger of the new-age technologies. It also describes psychological disturbance in youth. Misinformation and hate speech is also a concerning description in the movie.

Apart from the original dictated language being Polish, the movie speaks a very universal language. It’s streaming on Netflix now, so I recommend you go and watch it judge it for yourself how much relevant you see it is. 

Another Still from The Hater.
Courtesy: Pinterest


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