The Hummingbird Project Ending Explained: Is Salma Hayek Starrer A True Story?

‘The Hummingbird Project’ is a Canadian-Belgian drama thriller movie that combines finance and tech for an extravagant undertaking. At its core, it is the story of precisely how a ways humans are inclined to go to acquire their dreams. However, the narrative itself is unique. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, Salma Hayek, and Michael Mando in main roles, the film has been written and directed by using Kim Nguyen. So, if you want to recognize the ending of the film, then you’re at the proper place.


The Hummingbird Project Plot Synopsis

Vincent and Anton Zaleski are cousins who work underneath Eva Torres on Wall Street. But after Vincent can impervious funding from Bryan Taylor for a mission that allows faster statistics transmission timings, he convinces Anton to go away the company and be a part of forces with him. After all, the graph is to construct a tunnel that consists of a 4-inch fibre optic cable from the Kansas Electronic Exchange to the servers of the New York Stock Exchange in New Jersey.

If they’re in a position to convey down the time by way of simply one millisecond, they can beat the market and reap large profits. While Vincent focuses on the commercial enterprise aspect, Anton is the coder accountable for bringing the time down to sixteen milliseconds. Along with their contractor, Mark Vega, the cousins embark on this ride to make their goals come true.


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Betrayal has its consequences. #TheHummingbirdProject is now playing only in theaters.

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The Hummingbird Project Ending

Just as matters appear bleak, Anton can ultimately discern out how to minimize the time via one millisecond. But Eva won’t let them get beforehand of the sport so quickly, and so she presses fees in opposition to Anton. The FBI arrests the genius coder for inventory market fraud. He then calls Vincent from penitentiary to inform him about what simply happened. While working on the difficult terrain, the development group comes throughout a message pointing closer to a tower.

This is Eva’s way of letting Vincent recognize that her group has managed to get the top hand. After all, she has located a college scholar who helps the association assemble these microwave towers that work as speedy as eleven milliseconds. Naturally, this agitates Vincent, who starts offevolved heading closer to the constructing with a chainsaw whilst over and over announcing that he’s going to reduce it down. A verbal altercation between Mark and Vincent takes place, following which, the latter passes out.

Vincent wakes up in the ambulance and asks for his phone. Before he is admitted to the hospital, he buys insurance plan for his project, understanding full properly that he has failed. He additionally asks Mark to get Anton out of jail, however the different Zaleski cousin nevertheless has one closing trick up his sleeve. He knows about the malicious program in Eva’s machine and makes use of it to sluggish down her community to 20 milliseconds. She then visits Anton in jail, who is capable to tightly closed his freedom after she has the same opinion to drop the fees in change for the solution.

Bryan visits Vincent in the health facility and says that he may additionally simply give up up dropping his organization due to the fact he depended on the latter. Following this, the most cancers affected person is lower back at home. Mark has subsequently performed the project, and over a video call, he indicates Vincent that they had been simply capable to do higher than their unique goal. The speed, now, is 15.73 milliseconds. But this holds importance broadly speaking for Vincent. It has no real-life software anymore, as Eva has already cornered the market.

During a dialogue with Anton, Vincent says that the insurance plan has refused to pay them. But the former has a thought that makes use of neutrino messaging to carry down the time to 9 milliseconds. It is a greater sturdy science as properly considering the fact that it can penetrate via a variety of terrains and objects. They reputedly funny story about being in a position to purchase all of Wall Street and then burn it down.
In the end, they go to the Amish farm to make an apology to the village leader. It starts off evolved raining, and Vincent helps the different human beings put the sacks into the barn. He tells the Amish chief that they have eliminated the pipe from underneath the community’s land. While ready for the rain to subside, the cousins take safe haven in the barn. Vincent ponders over how he would procedure the existence of sixteen milliseconds, and Anton replies via announcing that Vincent’s lifestyles would nonetheless experience as long as that of a man who has lived for one hundred years.

How Feasible is The Neutrino Messaging Technology?

For a sport the place each and every millisecond counts, Anton actually comes up with a magnificent idea. If they use neutrino messaging for their purposes, the transmission pace will become as quickly as 9 milliseconds! On paper, it honestly sounds grand – these tiny particles can pierce thru all kinds of landscapes and overcome most problems that typical conversation strategies face. Given how aggressive all of us in the economic enterprise (in the movie) is, how has anyone else no longer applied this thought already?

We assume we can remedy this mystery. Back in 2012, a crew of researchers at the University of Rochester and North Carolina State University collaborated to transmit a message the use of neutrinos. In fact, the very data they despatched was once the phrase “neutrino.” This test holds some importance for us. Firstly, it proved that this science ought to be plausible in the future as and when scientific developments happen. Moreover, it confirmed us that we nonetheless have a lengthy way to go earlier than we can impart big quantities of information the use of this method.

Dan Stancil, the electrical engineer who additionally headed the study, opened up about the chances of the technology. He said, “In principle, you may want to have straight-line verbal exchange proper via the core of the Earth, barring satellites or cables. I can think about there should be sure strategic conditions the place that should be very valuable.” Clearly, Anton’s notion is now not achievable presently. But we would nonetheless argue that he is a visionary in his field.


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The Irony of The Title

‘The Hummingbird Project’ is an gorgeous title for the film when you reflect onconsideration on the delicate but decipherable statements it makes on human greed. We research that it solely takes sixteen milliseconds for a Hummingbird to flap its wings once! Plus, it can additionally fly backward. This small fraction of time in actuality does wonders for this specific species. Au contraire, sixteen milliseconds is the pace that the Zaleski brothers want in order to make their challenge successful.

Salma Hayek The Hummingbird Project

To accomplish this goal, Vincent stops at nothing. He even finds a way to penetrate thru the covered Appalachian trial simply so that the tunnel can be built. If Vincent’s wings can “flap” as quick as the Hummingbird’s, he has the attainable

to earn thousands and thousands of dollars. But as the film progresses, we study that he has misplaced his career, credibility, and fitness in pursuit of a dream encouraged really through greenback signs. Although he tries to be as maneuverable as the bird, this is without a doubt no longer his forte.

Is The Hummingbird Project Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Hummingbird Project’ is no longer based totally on a proper story. However, the director, Kim Nguyen, researched closely to concoct a story based totally on high-frequency trading. Talking about it, he said, “It is a fiction however it is based totally on what human beings have done. So many humans have tried to do loopy matters to acquire a single millisecond off the inventory market.” He continued, “We even went to a excessive frequency buying and selling platform in New Jersey and it used to be insane the quantity of weirdness that there was. Basically we simply associated the real engineering manner that is absolutely true.”

Although the film is based totally on our modern (and volatile) economic system, the narrative really takes the avenue much less travelled. In fact, you may additionally experience like the story is rooted in reality, however, this is simply due to the fact of the stellar performances put forth through the forged members. Furthermore, Nguyen additionally mentioned that many humans requested him why the movie used to be no longer stimulated by way of actual events! So evidently, the film struck a chord with its viewers. It is no secret that our economic device is pretty unpredictable.


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 The Hummingbird Project is out now with a rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb and 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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