Deon Taylor’s The Intruder is an American psychological thriller starring Dennis Quaid, Michael Ealy, and Meagan Good. The film is about a couple who buys a new house in Napa Valley. But soon they realize that the previous owner of their home becomes obsessed with the duo and is also not ready to let go of his house. As the movie progresses, his obsession takes on a ruthless turn. Continue to read the article to know what happened in the end. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Intruder Story Summary

At their interested property, Scott and Annie notice a deer in the nearby woods. Soon after this, Charlie, the owner of the house, comes out of nowhere and shoots the deer. After moving into their home, Charlie starts to keep an eye on them. He starts to show up without telling them beforehand about his arrival. Once, he shows up unannounced and mows the lawn and also yelled at some workers trying to install the security system. He came to their house as if he still owned it.

Charlie starts to visit Annie when Scott’s not home. Later, Scott learns from a neighbor that Charlie’s wife killed herself with one of his shotguns. Now, suspicious Scott asks his friend, Mike, to investigate him. He also sneaks into their house and watches the couple having sex and Annie taking a shower.

The Intruder continues to unveil the deep-dark secrets of Charlie and his horrible deeds.


All along, Charlie wanted Scott out of his way as he was obsessed with Annie.
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What Are Charlie’s Real Intentions?

After intruding into their house now and then, Charlie does something even worse. One morning, a truck hits Scott, whose driver turns out to be Charlie. When in the hospital, he asks Mike to visit Annie. But he is killed by Charlie when he reaches their house. Before killing Mike, Charlie tells him he wants to get rid of Scott and wants Annie to be hers and then swings his ax into Mike’s chest.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Scott contacts Charlie’s daughter Cassidy. She explains to him that Charlie killed his wife after she threatened him for a divorce. Annie then discovers a cellar connected to their house, underground, where she finds Mike dead body.

When Charlie then tries to rape her, Scott reaches on time. They then get into a fight, but Scott overpowers Charlie and then hits him with a baseball bat. They then get hold of his gun. Just when Annie calls 911, Charlie gains his consciousness. The moment he tries to attack again, Scott shoots him.