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The Kissing Booth 2: Did It Succeed In Re-creating The Magic

The Kissing Booth that came out in 2018 on Netflix was one of those corny-love stories with a different hook attached to it. Though the story was kinda similar to one of those 90s sitcoms and every other Rom-Com, we loved it anyway. Like any successful movie, Netflix is back with its sequel and it’s a little different. Not that it is less Rom-Comedic but the Romantic interests however have changed.

The Kissing booth 2: Review

At the end of the first part, Noah relocates to Harvard for his freshman year while Elle is still left back home. The story’s ending was left ambiguously but that was the fun part of it. This time around the story just picks off after the first with just a month’s gap. Noah has changed his attitude around and Elle and his relationship are out in the open now. In The Kissing Booth, the whole struggle of the movie was around that fact only. Now it’s become a movie about relationship struggles.

While this story, unlike the first one, is based on Noah’s perspective. The character of Noah does not seem very aggravating like it seemed in the first part. This time around the story is warmer than the first one. Yes, that warm! The first part used funny ploys such as slut-shaming and casual sexism. This time around all that is gone. You can really say the story has matured.

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Lee is a little undermined in this one as compared to the first movie. The Whole arc of The Kissing Booth was based on Lee not finding out about Elle and Noah. Now that it is out and Lee being ok with it, he felt a little redundant. The entry of new characters like Elle’s new friend and side flame Marco and Noah’s friend Chloe. Lee’s subplot is majorly undermined by it.

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The Verdict: 

The usual drama about which college to attend and Noah’s and Elle’s Bumpy relationship is fun to watch. Overall it was a good watch. If you have popcorn and free time, go for it. I’m not sure though you’ll do the same for a 3rd part which might be in the making. The Kissing Booth 2 is out on Netflix now.

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