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The Kissing Booth 2: Trailer Out Now!

The quarantine and pandemic have bored us all a lot. That too, to such extent that we get excited for each and every Netflix release. However, this is about 2018 released rom-com, “The Kissing Booth”.
Fans are really excited about the release of the trailer of the rom-com. The viewers of the show are planning Netflix parties, counting days on the calendar. They are even pushing their friends to watch the trailer. The trailer of the show was released on Monday. Moreover, the series will be released on 24th July 2020.

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The Kissing Booth: Cast Renewed?

According to the official trailer, the lead of the show, Noah Flynn, Lee Flynn, and Elle Evans which will be played by Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, and Joey King respectively. Moreover, a new student Marco has entered high school. This character will be played by Taylor Zakhar Perez.

Apart from the cast writer-director, Vince Marcello has returned to the show. Also, who will leave its fundraiser! Anyway, Elle and Lee will return to the kissing booth. Moreover, our lady in lead will kiss the tall, and dark handsome hunk.

Whom to choose Harvard or Berkeley (Image: Gizmo Blaze)

The Kissing Booth Season 2: The Plot

The show portrays our babies together, i.e. Elle and Lee patch up. The friends forever start their senior high school together. Meanwhile, Noah, Elle’s boyfriend, interjects from Harvard. Noah wants Elle to attend Harvard for her further studies.
But as we all know Elle promised Lee to go along him to Berkeley in The kissing Booth season 1. Anyway, we know that they have a plot set for next season.

Noah is surrounded by girls which makes Elle Jealous. However, as usual, the OMG girls, Mia, Gwyneth, and Olivia do nothing about the same. ” Long Distance Relationship eventually breaks up”, an OMG remarks as Elle denies of her and Noah’s break up.

Even though Newbie but Hottie (Image: Happy Lifestyle inc)

Who Is Marco?

The new character has been included in the Kissing Booth. There is a new admission in the school named ‘Marco’. He is a dreamy, tall, and tries to make Elle awkward similar to Noah.

What do you feel will there be everything normal between Elle and Lee after the Elle broke her promise? Will Noah and Elle spend time together? And what will happen to Marco?

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