The Kree Warrior Laurie-Ell Is Captain Marvel’s Half-Sister. Know all secret about here .

Hey, Ya fellas! How you all doing? Hope everyone is safe and healthy. This pandemic has made our life so boring. However, today I have something really interesting for you all. Today, we will talk about the chances of Kree Warrior being Captain Marvel’s Sister. So come on guys let’s go for a ride.

Captain Marvel’s Half-Sister (Image: Marvel Universe)

Captain Marvel is a Kree Warrior!

Carol Danver had to experience a lot of anxiety and issues in her personal as well as professional life. Moreover, she could believe the fact that she is half Kree. However, Carol is set to get a setback again in Captain Marvel #18. Captain Marvel #18 is a tie-up of Captain Marvel along with Empyre.

Captain Marvel: Half Kree Warrior(Image: MCU)

Laurie Ell: Kree Warriors half Sister.

Kelly Thompson, who is the writer of Captain Marvel expressed her excitement as well as happiness. Moreover, she said combining the two stories had opened up various opportunities for character and story development.

While addressing to CBR. Kelly said, ” the fact that Carol’s mom is a Kree has made me happy. It has made me go berserk thinking about the possibilities story can go. It is so to ask for and explore the world of creativity.” Moreover, she talked about the family members of whom Kree Warrior is unaware of.

Moreover, she also explained the attributes and look of. She said it was Cory who has put the character onto the sheet. Cory had made Laurie with huge arms like bodybuilders. She said she is in love with the look of Laurie Ell.

Laurie Ell walks on the street. (Image: MCU)

Laurie- Ell Looks

Cory has designed the Laurie Ell as a girl with big shoulders and arms. Which is quite similar to that of a bodybuilder. Cory created two panels of Laurie Ell. In the first look panel, she has created her in Kree Warrior armour.

Moreover, the panel shows her in a spaceship. However, in the second panel, we can find her on the streets. She is seen wearing a tank top and Capri with the US Army logo. Moreover, it looks like she is on a walk along with Carol’s cat. However, the hairs, Kree armour, and gears are made by Smith.

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