The Last Dance is finally coming to Netflix this month

ESPN had a massive hit on their hands from April to May, all thanks to the release of their 10-hour documentary series, The Last Dance. It is a chronicle of the final championship season by NBA superstar Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

The fact is, Netflix also has a hand in producing the documentary. A problem is, even though it is available on Netflix in international markets, the only way US audiences can watch it, is through ESPN. But, the best part is, it is changing very soon.

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When is the series releasing?

As per reports, The Last Dance is officially coming to Netflix in the US, later this month. This means you can relive this amazing documentary series. Now, you can light up a cigar with Michael Jordan when you watch the Chicago Bulls win their sixth championship title all over again. How cool is that!

As we all know, a huge list of movies and TV shows are going to come on Netflix next month. You should certainly note down the date July 19, for The Last Dance. This way you won’t miss this amazing documentary series when it is on-air.

What is The Last Dance all about?

Jason Hehir’s directorial, The Last Dance required over 10,000 hours of footage to create this extensive 10-part documentary series. Now, the result of that is a fascinating glimpse of behind the scenes of one of the most incredible franchises in basketball history.

A still from The Last Dance
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We can see that the series jumps back and forth in time, which gives us a full picture of the rise of Michael Jordan and his success with the Chicago Bulls. It also shows all the championships they won during the 1990s, with the trials and tribulations in between.

As The Last Dance concluded, there was a debate regarding whether or not the documentary paints Michael Jordan in too positive of a light. But, later it is proven that he is not forcefully shown as a saint.

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In general, the best part of The Last Dance is, the way how NBA franchise operates, and how it happens to be one of the most successful teams in the history of basketball. The conclusion is, even if you are not a die-hard sports fan, this documentary is still worth your watch.

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