The Legend Of Korra: Ending Of A Worthy Follow Up.

The Legend of Korra came out as a 12 episode follow up to the massively popular Avatar: The Last Airbender. Since then, it has transcended into the pop-culture as a legendary show itself. It was given the full 52 episode span to tell stories from the four books completely. Unlike the 2 season run of Avatar, Korra had a 4 season story distribution. The last episode aired on the 19th of December, 2014, and people still talk about it. Honestly, it is one of the best shows with a female protagonist and sends out a very empowering message. Let’s look back at the ending of this magnificent story.

The Legend Of Korra: Ending Explained.

So as many of you are reading, that remembers the season 4 finale of The Legend of Korra; you’ll remember the Grand battle in the ending. Korra, the Airbender, and her Team survived the attack and scrambled to come up with a plan to stop Kuvira’s invulnerable Mech. They try to stop Kuvira from destroying the city but are unable to.

Korra and team on the way to fight. “The Legend of Korra”        Courtesy: Pinterest

On the other hand Asami and her father Hiroshi are working Together with Varrick and Zhu Li. They are trying to get the last two Humming bird Jets that can cut the Mech with their plasma cutters. It’s interesting to watch this interaction in the finale cause Asami and Hiroshi had their differences while Varrick proposed to Zhu Li. But the finality of things made Asami make amends with her father.

Korra kept the Mech at bay while the hummingbirds arrived and made a effort to cut through the Mech. But the Humming bird Varrcik and zhu piloted failed. This is the final few minutes of the first part of the finale of The Legend of Korra. This is when Hiroshi decides to eject Asami out of the hummingbird and sacrifice himself in order to hurt the Mech. This was that much needed poetic redemption of Hiroshi.

In the second part of the finale of The Legend of Korra, Korra and Team goes full force on the Mech after it is made vulnerable. Team divides itself in parts, and Korra goes for the head – Kuvira. They were in the middle of a showdown when a malfunction actually sent Korra and Kuvira in the spirit realm. This is where our avatar realizes that Kuvira is nothing but a possible outcome of Korra if she had not been sensible. 

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The Finale Moments

Korra and Asami going in the spirit world in the end.       Courtesy: Pinterest

The battle, as we know, was well won by Korra but at a cost. In the end, after the dust settles, Korra and Asami decide to go in the Spirit realm for a break, which I believe they earned. This ends our story of the Legend of Korra, an avatar that was not on a journey to save the world but to find herself amidst one. It remains one of the most popular shows worldwide. 

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